14 August 2017

The Wedding Guest Outfit

It's been a while since I've been to a wedding that I'm not a part of. In the past year I've been to three weddings. The first was my own, so had quite a big part to play with that one, the second was my best friends so had major Maid of Honour duties, but the third was my cousins - and I was just a guest. Which was super nice.

While that was nice, and responsibilities were basically zero, there was then the question of - what on earth do I wear? For mine I obviously had to stick to the norm bridal look, and for my friends I was given a bridesmaid dress. So then I was like - ah! What do I do? After looking through my wardrobe I soon realised there wasn't actually that much I really liked. And the one thing that may have been suitable was blush pink, which I was told at the time was the colour of the bridesmaids to that was a no no. So, I went online and got myself a new dress, and I loved it.

This was a super steal from New Look, for only £15. I KNOW!! It's a bit different to any other dresses I have in terms of the style. It has this super cute halter type neck that comes up high, with a cute little subtle cut out back with a button to it. It clinches me in at the waist (oh there you are waist line) and then flows out to a flattering handkerchief hem. The pattern is beautiful as well, it's this deep red shade (perfect excuse to crack out the Naked Heat palette FYI), with yellow and navy flowers dotted around. A bit different, but super pretty. I teamed it with my wedding Choo's, and subtle gold jewellery accents. I left my hair down with some loose waves running through them, and my make up nice and neutral, focusing more on the eyeshadow than any bold statements.

I was really pleased with the overall look, and this dress has become a quick favourite. But, there is always the question of what is suitable for a wedding. So to help - I popped together my top five guidelines for the perfect wedding day dress, with rules I set for myself to stick to when picking my outfit.

  • Don't wear the same colour as the bridesmaids. You don't want to blend with them, or be mistaken for one.
  • Keep cleavage to a minimum. The guests are there to see the wedding couple, now your pillow couple.
  • Hemlines shouldn't be too high above the knee. Again, you don't want to steal focus by flashing your bum. Plus, if you're like me you'd be constantly pulling it down, bad look for anyone.
  • Steer clear of white or black. Obviously this is personal. But for me I didn't want to wear white, because of the bride, and black just isn't a wedding colour.
  • Be comfortable. Weddings are long days, so make sure whatever you're wearing you're comfortable in. You don't want anything super tight, super short and straps that fall down.

I hope this has helped anyone who is going to a wedding in the near future! And if you do, remember to have fun!

Much love, Lisa May x

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