21 August 2017

Eyeshadows to Enhance your Eye Colour

Eyeshadow was always one of those products I was never really worried about until the past couple of years. I was more concerned with mastering liquid liner, it was always just an after thought. However, fast forward to today and I couldn't live without the stuff. I love creating different looks, playing with different colours and attempting to master a smoky eye.

Once thing I love about eyeshadow is it has the power to transform your eyes. I remember doing my friends make up for a wedding (see here), and it wasn't until I finished her eyeshadow that I was like WOAH - were your eyes always this green? And it really hit me, it really does make a different what colour shadows you use for different eye colours. I mean, I know it's always there and people have always said about it, but that was a defining moment for me. And it got me thinking - what shades are best for what eye colours? Well, I've done some playing, I've done a lot of research, and I've finally put together my recommendations - so I hope it's useful!
This is my eye colour, so the easiest to play around with and really explore what colours make them pop. To be honest, if you have brown eyes most shades will bring out some aspect of your eye colour. Personally I love using gold and bronze shades, as I feel this really brings out the warmth in my eyes and makes them pop. The Maybelline The Nude's Palette has a beautiful gold that I've hit pan on, so definitely check this out, and their Colour Tattoo Shade in On and On Bronze is stunning. I've also recently discovered that russet tones look incredibly with brown eyes as well as it really does warm them up and brings a little fire into the mix - the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette is definitely that way to go here. I do try to avoid using cool toned shades on my eyes, such a greys, as I find it does make my eyes look a bit dull and not as bright and warm as warmer tones.
This is where my friends eyes come in - I didn't even really realise how green they were until I used pink toned shadows on her lids. Warm pinks really made her green eyes pop and sparkle, and it looks stunning. The Maybelline The Blush Nude's Palette, or the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is your best friend here. These shades were made for beautiful green eyes. As well as your blush pinks, purples look great as it's a complete contract so really makes the green stand out. I love Estee Lauder Pure Colour Duo in Raisins for this as they're warm berry purples and really keep the warmth. If you want to stay pretty neutral, than try a warm bronze shade like MAC's Woodwinked, it will look stunning. Like brown eyes, avoid cool toned shades like greys as it can wash the warmth out of your green eyes, but also I found darker green shades tended to draw attention away from the eye colour as well.
Blue eyes are incredibly beautiful, I always get super jealous when I meet someone with gorgeous blue eyes. Peach shades work beautifully here, as the orange tone contrasts with the blue helping it to pop, but it's a much more muted tone which works better with baby blues. I would check out NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Golden Peach, or take a look at Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Cooler toned shades also work really well, so definitely try some grey shades - the Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette has some beautiful tones, as does Maybelline's The Rock Nudes Palette. This also has a gorgeous deep navy shade, which works perfectly with pale blue eyes. I would try to avoid russet tones, or green shades here, as they tend to distract from the blue instead of enhacing it.
Now, I know there are more shades out there - such as hazel, and grey - but I thought this would be a good starting point. I absolutely loved putting this post together and researching it, so I'd love to know your thoughts. Also let me know what shades you think works best on your own eyes.
Hope you found this useful! Can't wait to hear from you all,
Much love, Lisa May x


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