6 September 2018

The Unicorn Candy Collection

Rewind five years and there wasn't even a unicorn emoji, now there's unicorn themed things everywhere. One of my besties has a unicorn phone case with glitter, and on many occasions I have just sat playing with the glitter and unicorns. Like a totally normal human being does. The beauty industry is now different.

29 August 2018

Urban Decay's "Beached" Eyeshadow Palette

Everybody loves a taste of summer - am I wrong? I have to admit, it's one of my favourite times of the year for new make up and beauty releases. There's something about summer packaging and shades that just makes me feel all warm and glowy inside. I also feel with summer you can get away with experimenting with different colours more than any other time of the year, which is why I was so please when Urban Decay bought out their new "Beached" collection, which included an eyeshadow palette with turquoise in it. Yes, turquoise.

24 August 2018

The PCOS Diaries: My Diagnosis Story

A couple of weeks ago I shared my story about how and why I've been losing weight. The main reason being my diagnosis of PCOS. Since then I've had a few people ask to share how I was diagnosed, and what started off that whole process. So grap a cup of tea, or coffee whatever you prefer, sit down, and get ready for a long one.

21 August 2018

How to Stay Strong & Exercise

I always liked the idea of being someone who enjoyed exercise, and got something out of it - other than pulled muscles and achy limbs. But it just never really happened for me - until recently. After my PCOS diagnosis, and a good couple years of feeling like the fat friend, I feel like I've finally found my trainer clad feet, and I'm finally enjoying exercise.

15 August 2018

My Top 3: Glossier Make Up

Have you heard of Glossier? No? Have you been living under a rock? Glossier is quite possibly one of the most hyped up brands I've come across since I started blogging, and honestly I was pulled into the hype. So much so that I have actually tried almost every single product from their make up range. I'm sorry bank balance, I truly am. But - is the hype justified?

7 August 2018

The Power of Spanx

If you've read previous posts, then you know I've had a little trouble with my weight lately - something I am continually working on. However, one particular problem area of mine that has come up is the lower belly roll - you know the one, the one that says "I love chocolate, cake, crisps and everything bad". The little bugger that just won't go away. Well.... enter Spanx.

2 August 2018

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation - Worth the hype?

I always get really excited when I find a good foundation, one that I fall in love with. But I'm also always super cautious. A lot of drugstore foundations have a tendency to break me out, and I hate the idea of spending out on a high end foundation if it's not right for me. Therefore I rely really heavily on reviews of bloggers/YT that I trust and respect.


30 July 2018

How & Why I Lost My First Stone

I never truly worried about my figure, or my weight up until my mid twenties probably. I had always been slim with curves, I had always been below a size 12. Why would I worry? But it's when you get comfortable that you start to realise things may not be as good as you first thought. That actually, you probably should pay a little bit more attention to what you're doing.


28 March 2018

Treating Myself to Choo

I may have bought myself something quite pricey. Something I wouldn't usually purchase myself, or be able to justify normally. However, sometimes it's okay to treat yourself, and every time I now look at this purchase I think "yes girl, you're awesome" and I feel like a girl boss. So let me explain why...

23 March 2018

Adjusting to Dry Skin

I've never really had to deal with super dry skin. Granted at this time of the year when it gets cold it goes slightly dry, but it's okay. However, for some reason March has decided to give me ridiculously dry skin on my face. And I've had to adapt my lazy girl skin routine to try and combat this.

16 March 2018

The Lip Series: My Winter Lips on Rotation

I feel like I might possibly love winter, for the simple fact that I love the lip colours you can get away with at this time of year. Deep tones, rich shades and cool tones. It's basically my favourite time of the year for lipsticks.

8 March 2018

International Women's Day: My Female Support System

Happy International Women's Day! Oh yes, it's that time of year where we really appreciate the women in our life that have made us who we are today, inspire us and shape us. So I wanted to throw in my two cents.

9 February 2018

Celebrate Valentines with Baylis & Harding

I know, some people hate it, some people love it. It's basically the marmite of "holidays" across the globe. Love it or hate it, there are some great gift sets available at this time of the year - whether you're buying them for a loved one, or just yourself. And Baylis and Harding are always top of that list for gifts.

2 February 2018

The £10 Eyeshadow Palette - Worth the hype

Finding an eyeshadow palette that does everything you want it to do is always cause for celebration. Or is that just me? Well when you find one that seems to have it all for only £10 - then would you celebrate? Thought so.

8 January 2018

Real Techniques PowderBleu Brushes

I love make up, and I love navy blue. I also love Real Techniques make up brushes. So when they bought out their Powder Bleu brush range I knew I had to somehow find a way to add it into my collection. Thankfully I have very generous in-laws who bought me four of the brushes over my birthday and Christmas, so now I'm the proud owner of most of the set. So was it worth it?
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