2 August 2018

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation - Worth the hype?

I always get really excited when I find a good foundation, one that I fall in love with. But I'm also always super cautious. A lot of drugstore foundations have a tendency to break me out, and I hate the idea of spending out on a high end foundation if it's not right for me. Therefore I rely really heavily on reviews of bloggers/YT that I trust and respect.

When I started seeing rave reviews of the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation I wasn't too pulled in - a glowy foundation for the girl that always gravitates towards the matte finishes? No thank you. But lately matte foundations just having been floating my boat so much, so I started to come around to the idea. The only issue? It was only available in the US. But then, it became available on Amazon for the UK. Next thing I know, I've bought two shades and eagerly waiting their arrival.
I did a first impressions video on this a few months ago now which you can view below, but I really wanted to give a full review now I've been trying this for about three months.
Honestly? I love it. And I never thought that would be the case, I was really sceptical and the first time I tried it I was a little worried that I looked a bit too wet or glowy. But, it tones down as it settles so it does just give you a lovely healthy natural glow. I remember when I first tried it I went to my Mum's for lunch and she just looked at me and went "you look really bright" and I just thought yup, good foundation.
It's a very, very lightweight foundation - it's very watery which was a little weird, but it just helps it to feel like a second skin. It doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, and it also helps it to blend in very easily and naturally. I found using a damp sponge is definitely the way to go with application, and it's just super quick and easy to apply. Coverage is around light to medium, but very buildable and doesn't look cakey. It also doesn't settle into any cracks or dry patches, it just looks smooth and airbrushed on the skin.
I don't think there's anything about this foundation I don't like. I have some foundations I love, but there's always little things I would maybe change about it. But this one is just spot on. I'm obsessed and it's definitely something I'd repurchase again and again. It's my perfect, everyday base and I'd highly recommend it for most skin types. If you have super oily skin you may not like it though as it does give your face a glow - so just a heads up.
Super cheap, super easy to apply, super natural yet amazing finish? Sign me up for a lifetime supply.
What's your favourite every day foundation?
Much love, Lisa May x

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