7 August 2018

The Power of Spanx

If you've read previous posts, then you know I've had a little trouble with my weight lately - something I am continually working on. However, one particular problem area of mine that has come up is the lower belly roll - you know the one, the one that says "I love chocolate, cake, crisps and everything bad". The little bugger that just won't go away. Well.... enter Spanx.
I remember being young and thinking I never want to get to a point where I need Spanx, well now I'm at the age where I couldn't live without them. The bottom section of that tummy, the last little (or big) roll that just won't disappear, and likes to show itself no matter what you wear. It's a bit stubborn that last roll. This is where Spanx come into the mix. It's like that extra little helping hand that makes it disappear. You can get cheaper alternatives, which I've definitely tried in the past, but for me nothing works quite as well as these Spanx Oncore High Waisted Briefs*. I've worn them solidly for any event for the past however many months, and I honestly couldn't live without them. They just hold everything in, and make you feel so much more confident about how you look and what you're wearing. Not only that - but they come with handy poppers so you don't have to peel yourself out and back into them every time you visit the ladies room. Score.

But not only that, Spanx also do the best versatile t-shirt bra ever. Like - literally ever. I love me a t-shirt, but 9/10 you can definitely see the texture of my brand underneath. Not only that, but you get dresses and tops sometimes that are a little bit plungy, and for me I've never really had a good bra to work with that. Entre the Spanx Pillow Cup Signature Push Up Plunge Bra*, not only the most versatile one, but also the sexiest t-shirt bra in existence. I would definitely say size up with this if you're interested because definitely feels smaller than others I own of the same size, but it sits perfectly under tees, low cut dresses and is also just really comfortable.

I feel like sometimes you get embarrassed if you feel you have to have a little helping hand from your underwear to create a share, or a figure you've comfortable with. I remember when I first starting using cheaper versions feeling like I couldn't tell anyone my little secret. Like yes - I do normally look like this, even though I live off chocolate. That's totally normal. And yes, my boobs are this naturally perky and bouncy - isn't everyones? Just no. I know my body isn't perfect, and I know that I do need a little helping hand - and I'm not ashamed of it.

My name is Lisa, and I live in Spanx!

Own it. And not only that, share it. If you feel you need some help removing that annoying roll, or just want to look a little flatter on the tummy. Or you feel you boobs need a little extra lift - chances are someone else somewhere is feeling the exact same way. So share your secret. As women we should be picking each other up, and helping each other feel the best we can possibly feel. So if you've found a little secret that helps you feel this way - share it. Spread the love, and boast about the Spanx kinda life. I know I couldn't live without them... UK Lingerie do an incredible range of shapewear, including Spanx so I'd highly recommend checking them out if you fancy a little more sculpt!

Much love, Lisa May x


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