30 November 2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Hand Food £5

This time next week I will be on a plane to New York... EXCITED! So I've been scouting some cold friendly products to take with me and this little baby is definitely in my hand luggage (well, the small version will be).

My friend Amber has been using this stuff as long as I can remember and she has always raved about it, so I FINALLY picked some up when Soap & Glory were 3 for 2 in Boots and gave it a go. I have to admit, the girl was right - this stuff is a god send.

My hands have stayed moisturised, nourished and actually quite nice to look at! They were getting really dry with retail work and the cold so this really has saved them. it's not greasy or oily at all and it absorbs quickly and easily. Not only that but it smells incredible - again mostly of shea butter so it matches my Whipped Clean perfectly! Hand Food.... get in my luggage you beauty!

Have you tried Hand Food? What products would you take to New York?

29 November 2012

VO5 Nourish Me Truly

VO5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo & Conditioner £1.99 each

Ok, so I'm not a huge fan of writing slightly negative reviews and if I have been sent the product by a PR company then I won't write them, however when I buy them myself I will - just because I feel like if I spent my own money I should say how I really feel.

So, as you may have guessed this isn't a complimentary post. It's not that I don't like these products, it's more that my hair doesn't. I was really enthusiastic to give them a whirl so I bought the smaller products to try. It just seems to really dry my hair, after I blow dried it it felt really stiff and a bit lack lustre, it just had no life whatsoever. I have tried it a couple of times since with different products to see if was this or not and unfortunately it is.

It seems that VO5 will have to join Pantene in my "cannot use on my hair" category... I am however using their famous hair oil at the moment so I will let you know how I get on with that - fingers crossed it's a bit more positive!

I'm not saying don't buy this product as everyone's hair is different and I have heard some great reviews about VO5 products, it just didn't agree with my hair unfortunately. Sad times.

Have you tried VO5 shampoos and conditioners? Did they work for you?

26 November 2012

Life Through a Lens #7

birthday lunch with bro  |  parents at birthday lunch  |  FOTD  |  new hair product
drunk with the sis  |  fireworks  |  my birthday cake with numbers round wrong way  |  birthday girls
drunk with the bestie  |  new dress  |  niece with cone  |  new watch
more fireworks  |  enrapture curls  |  summer nails  |  dark lips

So, this is the first life update I have done in a LONG time. And I'm sorry - it's not much of one. I've been a bit remiss with pictures of life lately, I had to scrap these together eek! Anywho, it was mine and my mummy's birthday on the 13th november. I got this gorgeous Pandora watch and a butterfly birthday cake!

Today is actually a BIG day for me and Adam. It's our 5 year anniversary (eek!) which means I finally get my DSLR camera! Am very excited and will keep you updated on my progress with it :) in return he gets a big ass TV... which is also a pressie from me seeing as when we EVENTUALLY move in together it will go in our lounge.

Also, Mum and I are off to New York next Friday - it's come around SO quickly and we are really excited. It's going to be COLD but there we go, bring it on - I cannot wait!

Anywho! I have a giveaway going on at the moment for some awesome scrapbooking software so check that out here and don't forget you can get $10 off with my unique code found on the same post! Enjoy!

24 November 2012

Glow by Topshop

Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish £9

I'm not usually a highlighter person, but I have loved all other Topshop make up so I thought I'd give the Topshop highlighter a go. I have been using this in a couple of different ways, under my foundation and over my blusher. I personally prefer it over my blusher along my cheek bones.

It's really easy to apply, it's a creamy highlighter that absorbs quickly and enough to seem natural and subtle. It's really is a nice "glow" as the name suggests and not too much of a shimmer - which I always worry about with highlighters - I'm not a big shimmer/glitter on face fan!

I think this is definitely more of a summer product as I tend to stick with colour during the winter, but it's perfect for defining eyebrows still if you use with a small stiff brush and blend in properly. Overall it is a really lovely product. I'm not usually a fan of cream highlighters/blushers etc but this is a good exception!

What highlighters do you recommend?

23 November 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Exotic Fruit Masks

Montagne Jeunesse Exotic Fruits Masks £1.29 each*

Montagne Jeunesse have expanded their already fantastic natural skin care range to include their new exotic fruits collection. It includes Dragon Fruit Sauna, Pawpaw Peel Off and Prickly Pear Peel Off. Each mask contains natural ingredients that take advantage of their natural goodness to aid in making the most of your beautiful skin.

As always with MJ products, I really enjoyed using them. The Dragon Fruit Sauna was a bit weird cause it was quite warm when it went on, but it was really nice and really cleansing. It made my skin feel really nourished and clean. The Pawpaw Peel Off is a peel one, it smells a-ma-zing! Really love the smell and it really unclogs your pores. It's a definite freshen up for your skin and did leave my face feeling very clean and clear. Prickly Peak Peel Off - not prickly at all, it's lovely and smooth and left my skin feeling really soft and smooth and nourished.

Overall, this collection is really great and I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you're a face mask fan!

As always, these products are suitable for vegetarians and Montagne Jeunesse look to use natural products where possible. You can get these mask from Asda, Boots and Montage Jeunesse online here.

What's your favourite MJ product?


22 November 2012

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean £8.00

Ok, so I must confess - I was a Soap & Glory virgin eek! So I took advantage of Boots vouchers and Boots deals (3 for 2) and got myself some goodies that I had seen recommended on other blogs and by others.

My first one is Whipped Clean - I love the name, I think it's brilliant. It's a shower butter that you lather in your hands and slather onto your body (I love the word slather!). It smells very much of shea butter - which is one of its ingredients, but this is the strongest scent that I detect and it's quite lovely really!

Now onto the magic. I got this after seeing it reviewed on Milkteef and she said that it was perfect as a shaving cream as well as a wash. I've had real trouble with saving my legs with shower gel as it's left them sore and irritated and shaving cream is just a hassle. Now I am very impressed with this. My legs still feel smooth, not irritated, clean and soft. They feel very moisturized and I'm really happy with the product.

Now, my only little gripe with this is the price. I usually pay a couple of pounds for shower gel - not £8, I think it's a bit of a ridiculous price for a body wash/butter thing! But I guess if you put the price of shaving cream on top of it it does add up... I am justifying it to myself! But I do love the product and overall I'm very happy with my Soap & Glory cherry popping product!

Which Soap & Glory products do you love?

21 November 2012

Wishlist: H&M Comfy Jumpers

blue christmas jumper  |  light gold cardigan  |  purple jumper  |  grey marl jumper  |  pink marl jumper

You know when you find a jumper you REALLY like? The fit is perfect, it's the right thickness, it can be smart and cosy? Yup. I found that jumper from H&M recently - I am in fact writing this in said jumper. So I found this jumper and then thought "I know, I'll go on their website and see if they do it in different colours/patterns"... And they do - the purple and grey one you see above are the same jumpers in different colours!

However, while I was browsing I fell in love with a few others as well... So I thought I would do my top H&M jumpers that I would love to take to New York with me. I have already ordered the Christmas jumper, it's such a good price and it's so so cute! Perfect for lazy christmas days and wondering around cold days. Parfait!

Where is your place to get your comfy jumpers from? What's your favourites?


20 November 2012

My Memories Suite & Giveaway

If you're like me, you love photos and anything scrapbooky. So when I was offered the My Memories Scrapbook software to try out I jumped at the chance and I've had so much fun playing with it. It's ridiculously easy to use and it produces gorgeous scrapbook templates, as well as letting you create your own completely from scratch. it's digital scrapbooking software that allows you to do more tha just create a scrapbook! I've popped below some of my own creations (fun!) so you can see some fab examples and check out their website here as well to have a wonder.

These are some pages I created for a "family" scrapbook using one of My Memories templates. I'm so please with how they have come out!

It's a fab bit of software and it's perfect for creating personalised Christmas pressies - I personally have been using it to create a little memento for Adam as it's our 5 year anniversary at the end of this month (shh don't tell him and don't worry - he doesn't read this!). It's great for all occassions!

This is a sneak peak at the software it'self - as you can see it's really self explanatory. Down the right hand side it has all the ways to imput images as well as edit them, same with text, overlays, embellishments. It has a HUGE range of different kits to customise your scrapbook.

Now, here is the best part! My Memories would like to reward Topaz & May readers in two different ways...

1. My Memories is giving Topaz & May readers $10 off anything on their website - just use this code (STMMMS34731) at the checkout and you will received $10 off! Easy peasy!

2. My Memories is also giving one of my lucky readers the chance to win the same software package that they gave me - all you have to do is enter below using Rafflecopter! There are TWO mandatory options for entering:
1. You MUST be a GFC follower of Topaz & May
2. Go onto mymemories.com and choose your favourite template layout and comment below with which one it is and what you would use it for.

The rest are extras to earn you extra entries!
It's open to both UK and International readers so get entering and have fun! The giveaway will close November 30th at midnight - whereas the code continues on and on!
So what are you waiting for?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

19 November 2012

Kate Matte Lipstick in 107

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 £5.49

So, I haven't done a lipstick post in a while and I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Now I work in retail it's a bit hard to wear gorgeous lipsticks on those days, so I now save them for weekends and special occasions. And I think this is a gorgeous colour.

I never had myself down as a deep wine red lipstick kinda gal, however I have fallen deeply in love with this one. It's just the rid shade of deep red to go with my skin tone and it's perfect for cold winter days of shopping, and also cold winter nights of pubs and wine bars.

Even though it is a matte lipstick, it's not too drying at all - compared with the Topshop ones with leave my lips begging for moisture, this doesn't at all. It moisturises and leave the lips matte, all at the same time. That Miss Moss is one clever lady!

I would certainly recommend this for the winter, it is the perfect Christmas Do colour!

Have you tried the Kate Matte range? Which colours do you love?

18 November 2012

Pandora Pure

Pandora "Pure" Watch in Gold

I made a little "Big Birthday Present" list a month or so ago for my birthday here, and my lovely lovely parents bought me the beautiful Pandora watch that I wanted - and here it is! Isn't it gooorgeous!

It has a light gold leather band, with a silver face with gold detailing. It's very pretty and I do feel like I am a proper grown up now I have my own posh watch! It comes in a gorgeous box as well with a little secret compartment! (I need to stop saying gorgeous so much).

I think I am a bit in love with this watch, I am a bit scared of cracking it at work so I am gonna have to be careful. But I do feel like a real live grown up with my watch - which may sound incredibly weird but it makes sense it my head! It's really comfortable as well, it doesn't pinch and it's just o so pretty!

What's made you feel like a grown up? And synonyms for gorgeous please?

17 November 2012

face of the day #4


I know it's been a while since you've seen it... So I thought I would treat you with a little FOTD, just to wet your appetite until I get a few outfit posts sorted for you. I blame the boyfriend, we used to have a little OOTD schedule but that's all gone to pot now the sun goes down earlier and he finishes work late. Boo!

Anywho, this is my current non work face...

la roche posay effaclar duo  |  fade out white moisturising cream  |  l'oreal lumimagique primer  |  clinique stay matte make up in ivory
bourjois bronzing powder  |  no7 natural blush in soft damsal
chanel intense eye liner pencil  |  chanel mascara
rimmel Kate Moss Matte in 107

I don't actually know what mascara it is, my mum got a free sample of it and she can't remember which one boo, but I am really enjoying it! And I LOVE my new lipstick, its such a deep wine colour and so apt for winter. It's a colour I never considered wearing before so I'm incredibly pleased! And yes, I'm wearing a cute little hat because it is cold outside, very cold!

What's your winter FOTD?

16 November 2012

Models Own 3 in 1

Models Own 3 in 1 Nail Varnish £5

I bought this a couple of months ago with the hope of strengthening my nails. I have heard that OPI Nail Envy was a bit pants so I didn't want to fork out for that, so this 3 in 1 varnish from Models One seemed like the perfect choice.

Not only is it a nail strengthener, it is also a base coat and a top coat. I've been using this as all three and there are definitely some pros and cons. Here is what I think about each purpose...

Nail Strengthener:
If I'm honest, I've not really noticed that much of a difference. They don't bend quite so quickly, but then that could be either down to this or me actually filing them down and taking care of them for once. Either way it seems to be very gradual.

Base Coat:
Best base coat I have ever used, hands down. It glides on easily, the nail varnish goes over the top of it really easily and more importantly - it holds the colour really well. It even keeps my Chanel on longer than a couple of days = miracle worker!

Top Coat:
This is where I'm a bit iffy. It goes over the top easily and looks really shiny. However, it takes FOREVER to dry. I left it for half an hour the other day, knowing it takes a while, thought it was fine so got on with normal life, five minutes later and there are impressions all over my nails - not impressed.

Overall, I have been using this more as a base coat then anything else as I think that is where its strengths lie. Even using this as a base coat and no top coat, it still works really well at keeping the colour on. So in that respect, big thumbs up from me!

What nail strengtheners do you recommend?

15 November 2012

my christmas list

Now my birthday has been and gone (sob) I can now look ahead to Christmas! So I have compiled a mini list of things I would quite like :) mainly fashion bits and pieces but also a DVD...

1) Knitted Necklace Jumper from Topshop
This would be perfect for New York, but because Christmas comes after, I'm more than happy to get it from that instead and wear it throughout the rest of the Winter months. I love the detailed necklace and the on trend khaki colour of the jumper itself.

2. Khaki Faux Leather Sleeve Safari Jacket from Fashion Union
I know, this has been making the rounds lately, but I wasn't sure until recently, and now I've fallen a tad in love with it! I definitely see the practicality of it and the beauty - Lisa want! It's the perfect all season jacket and again - the perfect on trend colour!

3. Karina necklace in Oyster Quartzite from Lola Rose
Lola Rose has to figure in my Christmas list somewhere - my collection needs growth people! This style of necklace is gorgeous, I don't have one like this as yet and I love this stone, it's quite summery but goes with absolutely everything!

4. Vivienne bracelet in Shadow Quartzite and Rose Quartz from Lola Rose
And another one... I fell in love with this bracelet when I saw it. The combination of the stones is very pretty and flattering to the other. I don't have one like this as yet - so fingers crossed! But it is gorgeous. So so pretty indeedy!

5. Bones Series 7 DVD
So, totally off subject - but I got season 6 for my birthday and I'm DESPERATE for Series 7 so I can continue. I have watched Bones since it started, and me and Adam love it. I love the humour, the chemistry, the guessing of the killer. Best. Series. Ever.

6. Aztec Velvet Skater Dress from Topshop
Another item I was a bit iffy about, mainly cause I'm not a huge velvet fan - but I keep seeing this and sighing, it really is gorgeous and the perfect Christmas day dress. Teamed with woolly tights and some ankle boots and voila! The perfect outfit.

So, this is my first real Christmas list for this year - if I'm honest what I would love is a house and a car, but there we go! I will just have to settle for Bones...!

What's on your Christmas list?


14 November 2012

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion £13

This is my first facial exfoliator and I am sold. This product uses fine exfoliating micro particles and crushed garnet stones to remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.
After cleansing, you rub the cream into your face in circular motions. The beads feel light, not too thick and scratchy, which is nice as that's what always put me off using exfoliators on my face.

I love the smell, it's incredibly citrusy, which i except from Vitamin C as it always reminds me of orange juice.  Kinda comes hand in hand really! But yes, I really do like this product. It freshens up my skin twice a week, brightens it up and cleans it out. Nice and fresh feeling - spring clean as it were!

I would definitely buy this again and I would definitely recommend it.

What facial exfoliators do your recommend?

13 November 2012

13th November

So, if you read my blog, or talk to me at all, you know that...

yay! Today I turn 23... I'm feeling incredibly old, but life goes on! And I'm actually excited about what the next year will bring. Adam and I plan to be in our own home by next Christmas (buying not renting), I should hopefully have started training to become a teacher, but overall it's personal things I'm most excited for!

So, while many of you know it is my birthday today, you may not know that it is also my Mum's birthday! Not just any birthday, but her 50th. So yes, I was a lovely little birthday present 23 years ago!

This is a picture of me and my Mum on my 21st Birthday. She has always been my rock and I enjoy sharing our birthdays, it's a bond that you just can't beat or replace. So anywho, when you think "Happy Birthday" thoughts to me today - think them towards my Mum too :) without her, it wouldn't be my birthday! (and my Dad too obviously)

Happy 50th Birthday Mummy!

10 November 2012

The Body Shop Lipscuff

The Body Shop Lipscuff £8.00

I bought this more out of curiosity then anything, I just wanted to know what on earth a Lipscuff was! Well, I wonder no more!

It's basically a lip balm, with bits inside it to smooth out your lips, get rid of the dead skin and prime your lips before you apply your lipstick and/or lip gloss. I found it a bit weird if I'm honest.

It's quite rough on my lips, and it does smooth them out. However, you can get little gritty bits left over, so when you pop on your stick/gloss it can transfer onto that which is slightly annoying. However, it does prime and it does moisturise which is nice.

I only tend to use it when I'm not going to apply some bright or bold colour, however nudes and corals are perfect over the top of this.
I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it's a nice accessory to have in my make up bag when it's needed.

Have you tried different lipscuffs before?

9 November 2012

National Trust Garden Hand & Body Lotion

National Trust Garden Wild Rose and Camomile Hand & Body Lotion £9.50*

I have had this for a little while, but you know when you get all caught up in a multitude of products to blog about some bits get lost. However, this product didn't deserve it!

It's such a simple, effective product that it does deserve a bit of raving. It smells exactly like you'd expect, of a usual rose scented product, it's very subtle and relaxing. I tend to use this more on my hands then anything else and it's a good moisturising product. It absorbs easily and quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and subtly fragranced.

Also, I love the packaging. It's so natural and pretty. Really girly pretty and so easy to use. I would definitely continue using this.

Have you tried Natural Trust Garden products before? Which do you recommend?

8 November 2012

Pandora Picks

If you are an avid reader of Topaz & May, then you know I am very loyal to my Links bracelet. However, since heading back into retail I have found my Pandora brown leather bracelet a tad more practical. And as such, I have been coveting a multitude of charms for their bracelet.
So, all in the name of blogging (obviously) I have collated my favourite charms for you all to see - have fun browsing, and remember - it's my birthday next week, just hinting!! ;)

As you can see, there is a bit of a blue theme... hmm, opps. Who knew! But anyway, enjoy them! You can't order Pandora directly from their website, but they have a few online stock lists that are great.

What's your favourite charm?

7 November 2012

Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo £13

This is quite possibly my most favourite new discovery. My skin has been a bit ridiculous of late and I needed something that was gonna stop any more break outs. I had read about this product on Kat's blog a few months ago and I wanted to try it then, but I thought I should do my research first.

After finally caving and using this, I'm very impressed. I used it every morning before I put my make up on, and every evening after I remove my make up. I had been warned that it was quite a harsh product, but I haven't found it so. I do need to moisturise after use, but otherwise I love it.

Since I've been using it, I've had no more major breakouts, apart from hormonal buggers. Not only is it amazing at clearing up my skin and controlling my oil, but its fab at being a make up base. Nothing has ever held my foundation on longer and kept the oil at bay.

As you can tell, I'm a bit in awe of this product. I will definitely be repurchasing, it is a definitely can't live without item. I will say, as I always do with skin care, all skin care products are subjective. What may work for me, may not work for you. So do your research first!

Have you tried La Roche-Posay products before? Which would you recommend?

2 November 2012

Ask Her Friends

 I was very proud of myself this weekend. I actually went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING... in OCTOBER! Eek. How very un-me! My new theory is, if I get it all done now - more money to spend on me in New York. It's all purely selfish. Anywho, I love Christmas shopping, but it can be an absolute nightmare for others... So if you are having issues I really do suggest you visit this fab new site I have discovered... askherfriends.com

The idea behind the site is for boyfriends to be able to find their lovely girlfriends an equally lovely present through the help of their friends and family, via social media. Sounds complicated? It's really not. As soon as you get on the home page you're hit with "let's get going.." so you go through a little quiz about the girl and they come up with suggestions.
I have to say, I did this based on myself and it was very close. It even suggested getting me the entire Friends boxset - if I didn't already have it I would have bought it for myself! Then, you have the option to ask her friends and family for advice on any items, all via the click of a button. It's that simple.

Askherfriends.com has such a huge range of products from different brands and boutiques such as Pretty Dandy, Two Red Trees and Ginger Pickle. I had a traul around and I fell in love with some much. It's a huge range of products to choose from, you can hardly go wrong!

I would definitely recommend giving this site a go if you're struggling. I'm quite lucky with Adam as he usually hits the nail on the head (last year I got a blue Radley bag... heaven! until someone got biro on it, BOO!), but I know others who are always left a little disappointed by their boy's choice - don't let this happen men!

This site isn't just for men though - it's for anyone looking to purchase something for women, be it your mum, sister, friend etc. It's the perfect and easy way to find the best present for them!

Have you tried askherfriends.com ? What do you think of this idea?
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post*

1 November 2012

I'm an "L"

 "L" Necklace from Topshop £5

It's been a long while since I did a post specifically about my jewellery. Now that I'm working in retail full time and have to wear a uniform (yawn) it's hard to summon the energy to make a huge effort in the evenings when it comes to what to wear. So a simple, statement necklace is perfect right now.

And this just sums me up. I am an "L" and I know this makes no sense and you're probably looking at me (my blog) like I'm a loony, but for me I am an "L", and "L" is me. Probably cause Lisa starts with an L, but still! I just love the simplicity of this necklace and the personal touch it gives. I'm not usually a gold girl so this is different for me, and a total bargain!

I got this just over a month ago in store for a cheeky £5 and I've not seen anymore since, so I don't know if you can get them anymore. But I love mine, and it takes turns with my Tiffany butterfly to sit proudly around my neck.

What necklace sums you up at the moment?
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