16 October 2012

my "big" birthday present

It's now under a month until my birthday, and I am still yet to write my birthday list. However the big thing my parents want to know is what to get me for my "big" present. For birthdays we always get a "big" present, and then little ones - same for Christmas too. If I'm honest all I really want is a house and a new car - that would be nice! However seeing as my parents haven't won the lottery I need to rethink this... So I have come up with the above shortlist...

1  |  Pandora Pure Watch in Light Gold
On the top of my list at the moment is this gorgeous watch from Pandora. I don't really wear a watch, well, I never wear a watch and I feel like as I'm getting older I should. This is such a gorgeous one as well, I have fallen quite in love with it. This image doesn't really do it justice as I couldn't find a really good high quality one, but take a peek at the link and you'll see what I mean!

2  |  Mulberry Continental Wallet in Black Forest Soft Matte
Second on my list is this lovely Mulberry purse. I'm not gonna kid myself and ask for a Bayswater (that'll be on the 30th birthday wishlist for Adam) however, a purse will placate my Mulberry lust for another 7 years and this one is such a gorgeous colour. I felt an instant urge to lust over it! Maybe I could ask for this for Christmas...

3  |  Shelburne Large Zip Top Tote Bag in Storm
Last, but not least is this gorgeous Radley bag. I love Radley as a brand, it is the cutest brand in the entire world - but I am just a dog lover! I do have a couple of Radley bags so although this one is GORGEOUS, I could probably live without it. Whereas the others, I feel like I need them in my life now and forever more!

So which would you choose? Like I said, I'm edging more towards the watch as I do love it and I don't have a watch, so this will be a complete new item for me!

Which would you choose?


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  1. You have made my day! I have been looking for a watch to ask for my birthday in November for ages but never thought to look on pandora! (strange really as I have a lot of stuff from there)
    Great post!!



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