7 October 2012

Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Coconut £9.00

This is quite a new little beauty from The Body Shop. As a consultant I get my own kit and this was part of it. It's a dry oil solution for your body, face and hair which is meant to help with very dry skin.

Due to my oily skin I haven't attempted to use this yet on my skin, but I have been using it on the ends of my hair. Due to mass amounts of dying the ends of my hair can get really dry, so oil is something I was dying to try to restore some of this moisture.

First of all, I love the smell. Body Shop always meant coconut for me, it was always my first choice of 'flavour' or 'scent' when choosing their products. One lady at one of my parties said it reminded her of holiday, and it really does just that.

Secondly, the ends of my hair haven't felt as healthy as they do now. I've changed a lot of my hair routine of late, but I swear this is down to this little baby as nothing else focuses on the ends. I pop it on my dry hair, day after washing. It doesn't feel greasy, it blends in straight away and creates texture in the end as well - which I wasn't expecting so that's an added bonus!

I really do love this product and I recommend it to all my Body Shop customers - and I definitely recommend it to you as well! It's a nice easy way to keep the ends of your hair healthy!

Have you tried Beautifying Oil? Have you testing it on your skin yet?

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