18 October 2012

i love, he hates

top: topshop  |  leggings: topshop  |  boots: H&M  |  necklace: topshop

This is me being a chicken and not going the full hog with disco pants or leather look leggings. Instead I bought these gorgeous leggings with leather panels down the side. I have to say, I love them. Adam hates them, but there you go - you win some you lose some.

My Mum bought these about a year ago actually and I've been coveting them ever since, so when I saw Topshop were still doing them I had to snap them up. I got them in a size bigger than usual and still debating if this was a good move as they fit the legs well and they are comfy, but I do have to keep pulling them up! Otherwise, totally in love. I've wanted some smart leggings for a while and these fit the bill!

This top is a new fave as well. I've been living in it ever since I got it. It's so comfy, it's perfect for Autumn and Winter, and I'm just a bit in love with it. It's the perfect accessory to dress down these leggings.

You never know, I might still go the whole way with disco pants, but for now these leggings have definitely satisfied my curiousity.

What do you think of these leggings? Do we love the leather panel?


  1. I really like them! Love this outfit
    Gem x

  2. I have a pair of leather pants very similar from Miss Selfridge & my fella hates them too!
    But I tend to just wear them on nights out when he's not here so he can't moan at me to wear a pretty dress!
    - There a little part of me that thinks he's just insecure though because they really do look fabulous & slightly sexy :D


  3. I love it too:)
    xx Kate


  4. Love those leggings!!
    you look hot!!!!

    Im following you, id love if you
    Check out blog and giveaways :)

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! (especially the design!). I really want to get something leather that's not a jacket, and my boyfriend isn't a fan either. These look great on you though :) x


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