28 October 2012

tag: why do i wear make up

I've seen this post flying around and after I saw it on Kayleigh's site I was like right, need to jump on this bangwagon! So here I go!

When did you begin loving make up?
If I'm honest I can't quite remember. I remember having conversations with my Mum trying to convince her I need foundation to cover up my acne as I had it quite bad at the beginning of secondary school. She always said no as I didn't need it. Well, I ended up convincing her otherwise and my first foundation was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse as my friend Beth used it. After that I never really looked back, I had to wear make up.

How do you feel without make up?
It depends on what my skin is looking like at that moment in time. For example, at the moment my skin is actually really bad so I cannot be seen without it on or I feel really ugly. However, if my skin is behaving, like it does when i go abroad on a summer holiday, I'm more than happy to go without. It also depends on who I am around. I'm quite happy to go without it on when i am with Adam as I know he isn't just with me for what I look like. But I do always feel a bit more "safe" when I am wearing it.

What do you like about make up?
I think make up can act as a mask. If you're feeling tired you can hide it, if you're feeling sad, you can hide it. But I also think it can make you feel powerful and beautiful. It's another form of expressing yourself and expressing your identity, and I think everyone needs some sort of creative outlet and make up is definitely that!

"Holy Grail" items:
1. Chanel Intense Eye Pencil - I love this product. It's probably been the one constant make up item I've had and the longest running. I have never found anything as good!

2. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Conceal - my holy grail blemish concealer. Nothing has beaten it and it stays on all day

3. Clinique Stay Matte Foundation - this is a  new one of mine, but I've fallen deeply in love with it and would definitely buy it again!

So yeah, this is my little make up history/story type thing! Lemme know if you decide to do it so I can see your answers :) it would be really interesting and I hope this has been a bit interesting for you too!

Why do you wear make up?


  1. Lovely post. I really like this tag as I find it interesting to hear why people wear make up. xx


  2. I need to get that chanel eye pencil now, I have been looking for a good one for so long!:)
    xx Kate


  3. you inspired me to do my own hun x



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