31 July 2013

Skin Care | L'Oreal Micellar Solution

I seem to be developing an addiction to micellar waters. I blame Bioderma, I really do. Bad French skin care brand! Now another French brand have done it again. I saw this on Estee's blog (www.essiebutton.com - go see it) and was intrigued. So off I went, and luckily it was in Sainsburys in a 3 for 2 deal. Yay!

So anywho, was it worth it? I find this a lot more watery - or viscous to be more scientific - than the others. It literally pours out the bottle, so it does have some wastage.  It's a very gentle cleanser, that removes foundation, power and blusher very easily. It's not as great on eye make up or bright lipstick, but for light make up it's perfect. Also for those with more sensitive skin it's gentle enough to work. 

Overall I do like this, for me it's not as tough on make up as others like B.Pure or Bioderma, but it's perfect for light and sensitive skin.

What's your favourite micellar water?


30 July 2013

Make Up | Mac Copperplate

After using Woodwinked and Brule, I knew I had to invest in another Mac eyeshadow and fast. I decided to go for a smoky grey to try and work at using one colour for a smoky effect. It was a bit of a whim to be honest - one I'm glad I took.

It's a gorgeous buildable grey, subtle but you can build it to create a gorgeous smokey grey. Compared to the finish on Woodwinked - it is very matte, but it does last longer, it doesn't seep into the cracks as Woodwinked tends to and I love it for that. 

I really do love this eyeshadow. It's become my everyday baby along with my liquid eyeliner. A classic look that works whatever the weather.

What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow?


29 July 2013

Life | Viva La Francais

As you may know, last week I went to France, down south in the Languedoc area - a little place called Gasparets to be exact, just outside a tiny town called Boutenac. It was a gorgeous place, basically out in the middle of nowhere with a couple of small towns near by... and a couple of winerys (more on that another day).

My parents, Uncle and Aunty had already been there for a week when Adam and I joined them. Sunday was a pure relaxing day, lazing by the pool reading and a bbq in the evening. Pure utter bliss. Monday we headed off to St Guilhem et Desert - I will pop this up on a seperate post as it's worthy of it's own post! It was a day, and then evening out to a gorgeous little restaurant with the best scallops entree and duck main. Yum! Tuesday was back at the pool for laziness, Wednesday a trip to Carcasonne - a gorgeous french castle. Thursday the boys and Alison went off on a hot hot hot bike ride - Mum and I decided to stay and laze by the pool, topping up our tans and drowning the evil wasps that threatened to sting us - then off for some wine tasting and another bbq. Friday was our last full day. So we kept it simple. Adam was throwing me around in the pool - with the help of Dad as well, and then a wine fuelled bbq. 

I would definitely recommend visiting this area if you're looking for a complete and utter getaway. I love having a villa to ourselves, it's so private and really just very relaxing. An amazing place to get away to. I have a couple of other posts coming up on the specific outings I had but this is just a general one with photos above! I've come home feeling refreshed - and dreading work. But back at work I am today boo!

If you are off on holiday soon have an amazing time - having some time off was just what the doctor ordered!


26 July 2013

Make Up | Bourjois Cream Blush

This was everywhere when it was launched, but I decided I'd be a good girl and hold off for a month or so and see if I still wanted it after the hype died down. Yes, I did, so I bought. First of all I wanted Healthy Glow, but then I decided I prefered Rose Tender after swatching. O the beauty of swatching.

Okay, so this is gorgeous. It glides on so easily, really smooth and really natural on. It's a lovely natural pink that just looks like a really healthy colour on the apples of the cheeks. It lasts for ages and doesn't aggravate my oily skin. Yay! Also it smells really yummy.

Overall, really like this blusher and accompanied me on holiday and is so far my absolute holiday blush. It's not too heavy, so perfect for warmer climates - yes France I am talking to you! (No really, was up to high 30's on Tuesday) but overall this is the perfect cream blush.

What's your holiday blusher?

What's your summer blush staple?


25 July 2013

Trends | Pink Lips

Continuing the exploration of my lip drawer this week I have decided to focus on pink lips. Bright loud pinks, to pale baby pinks. I love pink lips - any kind of pink. I don't wear pink anywhere else so I like to make the exception somewhere - and that would be my lips. Mwah!

Loving this range of lipsticks from Rimmel, it's incredibly moisturising and pigmented. This colour is a beautiful blue toned bright pink and I love it. It's very bright, long lasting and incredibly comfortable to wear. I've done a full review here so check it out, but this is definitely one of my faves.

A pale baby pink balm that sits on the lips perfectly and comfortably. It feels like a balm more than a lipstick and it lasts on the lips for a good couple of hours. It is a very pale pink so not brilliant for those with a pale complexion already, but very pretty. 

Apocalips were everywhere when they were released, and I still love them. This is one of the four shades I have and it's incredibly pinky. It's another blue toned bright pink, that is very wearable for everyday situations and incredibly long lasting and pigments.

The newest addition to my Mac lipstick collection is this gorgeous, yellow toned pink. Bright and very 80s in my opinion. Not a colour I've used before but I really like it. It's very different, long lasting and comfortable. Definitely a favourite for me, even if it is on the pricier side.

Very similar formula to the L'Oreal Caresse, but a bit more balmy and pigmented. This is more of a deep blue toned pink, less heavy than a lipstick so quite light and perfect for the summer. A gorgeous summer shade as well. Bright, but subtle enough to be everyday.

What's your favourite pink lip?


24 July 2013

Make Up | Max Factor Miracle Touch Blush

This is a little pot of fabulousness and I can't believe I haven't reviewed it sooner seeing as I've had it for months now. Whoops. Bad blogger. Anywho, this seemed to be everywhere a couple of months ago as THE budget blusher of the moment and I have to say I agree.

It is a tiny little pot, so perfect for holiday travels. I have had it for around three months and doesn't even look like I've made a dent in it. It is a gorgeous soft pink (hence the name) and looks really natural and lasts all day on the cheeks. I'm really very impressed by it. Not only that, but I went a little wild and popped it on my lips, and actually looks great on there as well. It's the first cream blush I've used that doesn't turn powdery on application so it's perfect for lips as well. 

I would definitely recommend checking it out. There isn't a huge colour range, but they have one for every shade you love.

Have you tried Max Factor blush? 


23 July 2013

Make Up | L'Oreal Super Liner

Okay, so looking through Sainsbury's 3 for 2 offer I found this little liner. I believe it's an older one of L'Oreal's as it's no longer on the Boots website (sob). Anywho, I got this from Sainsburys and my eyes have been married every since.

It's got the felt tip precision, but the base is like a bottle so even if you use it over a shadow you can still get the pigmentation without the fade. It's a little thicker than others I've used like Pixi Lash Line, but it's still incredibly easy to use. It's so long lasting as well, lasting all through work and not even transferring onto my upper lid. Which is really what bugged me about the Pixi Lash Line, it always transferred but this just stays put. It really is a love.

I would definitelely recommend you checking it out. Maybe not if you're a total novice with liquid eyeliner as like I said, it's a bit thicker than others I've tried, but once you're a dab hand definitely snatch this up. It's my favourite and I couldn't be without it now!

Which is your fave eye liner?


22 July 2013

Summer Care | Poolside Pals

As we speak I am by the pool in a villa in the South of France. Last year I didn't go on a summer holiday so I'm mega excited. I flew out on Saturday evening with Adam to join my parents, Uncle and Aunt. Nice. So, I thought I'd pop a little post on my poolside pals - those beauty bits that I'll be wearing by the pool.

Waterproof Mascara
Yes, I am one of those that has we still wear mascara by the pool. So sue me. Anywho, I love L'Oreal Telescopic, however it runs like a mother. So I've popped the waterproof version in my suitcare and this will be gracing my eyelashes every day by the pool. Nothing worse than panda eye by the pool!

Facial SPF
Foundation is far too heavy for the pool. And although there are some fab lightweight foundations now, it's still a tad too heavy so I'm falling in love with BB creams at the moment. I have a couple of favourites such as Dr Jart and Revlon's new PhotoReady BB cream.

Summer Toes
My finger nails are all gellish-ed up at the moment, so it's just my toes that I need to take care of. This Summer Collection from Essie is gorgeous and perfect for the summer. I love Sunday Funday, it's a gorgeous shimmery coral and they are the mini version so perfect for travel and Essie quality - which means long lasting!

Protect Your Lips
I'm completely in love with No7 BB Lips. Yes, a lip gloss and a tad heavy for by the pool, but it contains SPF so it protects your lips so you don't have to worry. Blush Coral is the perfect summer colour and sutble enough to get away with wearing it by the pool. Any lips product with SPF in it is a winner for me, and if it's a gorgeous colour it's even better.

Okay, so not waiting at the poolside with my but I cannot live without my tweezers on holiday. Without much make up on the little whiskers on the face need to be vanquished and any stray hairs from the bikini line need to be gone as well! I love these Tweezerman mini's - portable and o so cute!

What's your poolside pals?

19 July 2013

Trends | Top 10 under £10

I got the idea for this from Fleur's channel (video here). I loved the idea of this and considering most of my make up is drugstore this would be fab to try and do. I have tried not to use any of there Top 10 to create a big of variety! I actually found it really really hard to whittle some of these products down. I've tried to use products for every kinda face part as well (if that makes sense...) so let's take a peek!

A cult classic really, or it's turned into one anyway. I really love this foundation. It's a medium weight foundation that has fantastic coverage and is really long lasting. For me as well it doesn't clash with my oily skin which is always going to get a thumbs up in my book.

A gorgeous cream blush, incredibly easy and quick to apply. Small packaging so perfect for travelling, yet lasts for a while. Again, really good quality and very long lasting and I love the colour of this. It looks really natural on and as it doesn't go powdery on application it's great for lips as well.

Essie polishes are normally £7.99 from Boots, so these mini collections are a great way to nab three of the current collection and work out at around £3.34 each - so not bad at all! Yes they are mini, so not as much product, but they still have the same Essie quality and the ones I have so far are fab.

A bronzer I've had for about a year now and still not touched the pan. It's a gorgeous subtle matte bronze that's perfect for us paler types, but helps to warm up the complexion and is a dab hand for contouring as well. Great price and it smells like chocolate. They know how to market to us girlies!

Probably one of the best quality high street lipsticks I've ever tried. Really pigments, great coverge and good longevity and a wide range of colours. I love these and I'm always reaching for them. A really good price and something I think is quite overlooked in drugstores - needs much more hype then it currently has!

A really fab drugstore version that I've been reaching for continually. It's calming on the skin and amazing at removing make up. It's a very watery version compared to Bioderma, but it's such a good price for the quality of product that you get. I've fallen head over heels for it. 

I love these crayons. So so easy to use and apply and really long lasting as well. Great product for such a small price, and a fab dupe for the Clinique Chubby Sticks. Not a huge range of colours, but I love the champagne and bronze colours - great for everyday wear. 

My ultimate favourite shower cream/gel/wash ever. It's amazing as a shaving cream - it keeps the legs moisturised instead of dry and flaky and is actually just amazing on the skin. Pricey for a shower product, but definitely worth it for me as I really struggling after shaving.

My perfect eyeliner. It's got the easy to use felt tip applicator and fantastic pigmentation. It's really easy to apply over eye shadow and doesn't transfer onto the top of the lid, and is really long lasting. A great price as well for a liquid liner.

A new addition to my routine but one I absolutely love. They are so comfortable on the lips and also protect really well against the sun. I love the subtly of the colours as they are perfect for everyday wear at work as well and they are just altogether fab to me.

I have literally rewritten this so many times. I did notice that there isn't a lot of skincare on this... Unfortunately I tend to go for the higher end bits for skin care - make up however I have found you can get some amazing bits for a low price. I'm sure I've forgotten something... O well, here is my top 10!

What's your top 10 under £10?


18 July 2013

Hair | AreaH20 Duo

I'm incredibly intrigued by this product. The idea is that it is scientifically formulated to combat the effects of mineral deposit fo each different water area. I was sent the one for medium water, but I do live in a hard water area. Either way - how did it feel/work?

Okay, so use as a normal shampoo and conditioner in the shower, rub rub lather lather and so on. Done. It does make my hair feel very clean and it does tend to tame those annoying flyaway hairs which is fab. Basically it does exactly what it's meant to do. I would have been intrigued to see what the hard water one felt like but this is really nice for the hair and I do like using it.

I didn't know which water area I was from... but the bottle very handily has it on the back so I've popped the diagram above so you know what area you're from. Don't say I never do anything for you *winks*

Have you tried AreaH20 products before?


17 July 2013

Life | Cosmo Blog Awards Picks

It's that time of year again for the Cosmo Blog Awards. A big congrats to all that have been nominated! I think it's a great way to check out new blogs and I love that there are some under dogs again this year. Obviously I would love to be nominated one year - however, there are some blogs this year that I LOVE and they definitely deserve to be there. So, like last year I've popped my pick... Enjoy!

Best Established Beauty Blog
I really struggled with this one as there are two on here that I regually look and read and go to for advice. However, in the end I went for Beth from Birds Words. I love her reviews, how detailed they are. It shows that she really looks at her products and her features are great as well. The other I would recommend is Kayleigh from Couture Girl - her blog is amazing too, some fab reviews! Check both of them out as they both definitely deserve to be recognised.

Best New Beauty Blog
This was a category that I was suprising stuck on as I didn't really recognise a lot of them. However in the end I went for Hannah from Cosmetic Crave. Her blog is gorgeous and her reviews are really well put together. She's a gorgeous girl as well. She's done so well for a newbie blogger and should be very proud of her blog. Really loved her post on DIY scrub and Plastic Surgery Debate. It's a real mix and has become an everyday read for me.

Established Fashion Blog
THis was a really easy one for me. What Olivia Did, Olivia, has incredible style and I would love her wardrobe and confidence to style herself as she does. She is incredibly gorgeous and her photos are really well done. This is turning a big gushy stalkery so I'm going to apologise!

Best New Fashion Blog
Again, easy one for me. Laura fron Tiny Twist is such a lovely lovely girl and she looks incredible. I love the way she puts her outfits together. I don't have the courage that she does to wear some bits, but she always looks chic and gorgeous. I love her hair/complexion as well. Basically I have a major girl crush and everyone should go vote for this girl as she really deserves it.
Best Lifestyle Blog
I recommended this blog to win Best Food blog last year as well, but it's Rose from The Londoner. If you don't wish you had her life you must be insane. I love reading and looking at her latest journeys and exploits, wishing I could go where she does and live her life. Would love her figure/wardrobe as well please?

Best Interiors Blog
A recent find for me this blog and I'm loving it so far, Abby from Un-observed has a beautiful blog. It's really well designed and incredibly unique and her little quirkly interior posts and great and really inspirational for someone who is looking to move into her own home at some point over the next few months. Take a peek - for me it's gonna be my go to when I move out!

Best Vlog
Estee from EssieButton hands down gets this for me. I LOVE her videos. She is always the first channel I go to when I need a pick me up on youtube and I love her beauty reviews on there as well. She has such a fab personality and it really shines through her videos. She is quirky in the best possible way and I suggest you all go and subscribe now. Also in this category that I do love is Fleur from Fleur de Force, so if you haven't checked her out as well I definitely would.

Best Beauty Vlog
For me this was definitely between Anna from Vivianne Does Make Up and Corrie from The Dizzy Brunette, in the end Corrie won out however. I've met her recently and she's absolutely lovely and stunning in real life. Her videos are also great, she has a lovely personality on them and I love her tutorials and just the range of videos that she does on YouTube. Plus shes from the South like me!

I have missed a couple of categories, mainly because I didn't know the blogs nominated so I didn't feel like I should pass a vote! But all the above are regular reads for me and I would definitely recommend checking them out. You can vote for your favourites here!

Who are you voting for?
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