12 July 2013

Any Size | Returned

So, I've been getting requests as to when this is coming back onto T&M so yes - Any Size will be back! It went away for a little while as it was getting harder and harder to organise and collate everything, however I've missed doing it. I love the idea behind it and I've always had such good feedback - so I'm desperate to bring it back!

If you've not heard of it before, basically there are four bloggers a week of four different sizes who are given the same style to put together. The idea behind it is to show that all bloggers of all sizes are gorgeous in their own way and can be stylish no matter what. 

I've has some amazing bloggers and woman take part - some incredibly inspirational. Click here to see all my Any Size posts - I've popped some examples above! If you'd like to get involved please send me an email at lisa@topazandmay.com. The ones I have coming up are:
Maxi Dress
High Waist
Crop Top
Little White Dress

Please let me know what size you are and which you'd like to take part in - or if you have any ideas let me know! Can't wait to hear from you all! It will be first come first serve, so if you pop your top 3 for me that would be great! I will only take entries via email as well - easier for me to keep track of who is doing what, so make sure you do it that way!

Would you like to take part in Any Size? Email me lisa@topazandmay.com

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