22 July 2013

Summer Care | Poolside Pals

As we speak I am by the pool in a villa in the South of France. Last year I didn't go on a summer holiday so I'm mega excited. I flew out on Saturday evening with Adam to join my parents, Uncle and Aunt. Nice. So, I thought I'd pop a little post on my poolside pals - those beauty bits that I'll be wearing by the pool.

Waterproof Mascara
Yes, I am one of those that has we still wear mascara by the pool. So sue me. Anywho, I love L'Oreal Telescopic, however it runs like a mother. So I've popped the waterproof version in my suitcare and this will be gracing my eyelashes every day by the pool. Nothing worse than panda eye by the pool!

Facial SPF
Foundation is far too heavy for the pool. And although there are some fab lightweight foundations now, it's still a tad too heavy so I'm falling in love with BB creams at the moment. I have a couple of favourites such as Dr Jart and Revlon's new PhotoReady BB cream.

Summer Toes
My finger nails are all gellish-ed up at the moment, so it's just my toes that I need to take care of. This Summer Collection from Essie is gorgeous and perfect for the summer. I love Sunday Funday, it's a gorgeous shimmery coral and they are the mini version so perfect for travel and Essie quality - which means long lasting!

Protect Your Lips
I'm completely in love with No7 BB Lips. Yes, a lip gloss and a tad heavy for by the pool, but it contains SPF so it protects your lips so you don't have to worry. Blush Coral is the perfect summer colour and sutble enough to get away with wearing it by the pool. Any lips product with SPF in it is a winner for me, and if it's a gorgeous colour it's even better.

Okay, so not waiting at the poolside with my but I cannot live without my tweezers on holiday. Without much make up on the little whiskers on the face need to be vanquished and any stray hairs from the bikini line need to be gone as well! I love these Tweezerman mini's - portable and o so cute!

What's your poolside pals?


  1. Great post I agree in summer I can't live without tweezers in summer time haha I thought that was just me ;)


    1. haha nooo, a year long staple but even more so in summer! xx

  2. Waterproof mascara is always a must for me, nothing worse than emerging from the pool looking like a soggy panda!

    I always struggle with foundations & BB creams though, I like medium coverage because tinted moisturisers make me look patchy but finding that happy -poolside- medium is so hard!

    Have a lovely holiday chick!
    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

    1. i agree - sometimes it's just easier to go with a naked face - it it wasn't for spf need! xx

  3. Great post - I really want to try the revlon bb cream :) x


    1. it is a really nice bb cream, i would recommend:) xx


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