1 July 2013

Wishlist: Festival Life

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I may never have been to a festival... and may actually never go (me and camping do NOT mix well) but I love festival style. I love the hippy, lazy care free fashion and the emphasis on florals. I will always love florals. So, I popped together a little wishlist outfit - practical yet o so perdy.

1 |  Dublin Sandra Waterproof Jacket
From others tales a festival isn't complete without a little rain - so waterproof jackets are needed. The colour of this coat makes it a little different and adds an element of chic, and really goes with this cute little pinafore.

2 | Glamorous Floral Ditzy Pinafore Playsuit
Pinafores are everywhere at the moment, so why not a festival? It's practical and oh my god oh so pretty. I love the pattern and the colours are different for me, and yet I want them on my body - like now please!

3 | Topshop Crop Top
Again, crop tops are everywhere you look, and although my belly isn't exactly crop ready, its the perfect under top for a pinafore. A plain white crop top is definitely one of my sure fire hits for this summer so stock up!

4 | Mark Todd Kiwi Short Boots
I've wanted a pair of boots like this for ages... what seems like forever. They look super comfortable yet stylish and incredibly practical. These seem like they would last forever.

5 | Topshop Lace Trim Ankle Socks
These cute ankle socks go so well with a pinafore - each remind me of a seriously cool school outfit. Popped together with these ankle boots and you have a super cute effect.

Tempting to buy this outfit and pretend I'm at a festival... Dance in my garden to my ipod in the rain maybe? This sounds like a great idea; maybe add some friends?

What's your perfect festival outfit? Would you buy any of these?

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