28 June 2013

Make Up | Topshop Infrared

Okay, so when MAC bought out their All About Orange range I was tempted to jump and dive in and get myself an orange lippie, without trying it. Instead I went and ordered Topshop's Infrared, something I thought would be a reddy orange, with more red than orange.

Actually, it was incredibly orange and let me see exactly what I'd be getting with the orange range. Something that is totally not me. I don't know about you, but I think it really doesn't suit me. It's a bit too yellow, and my Mum said I'm more of a pink girl. Which to me means I need more blue tones. My skin is pink toned so maybe if it was yellow toned this orange would suit me more. But otherwise, it's not one I'm reaching for.

I don't know what it is with me and Topshop lipsticks. Everytime I get one I seem to be disappointed with what I get. I blame the lack of swatching before purchasing. Lesson learned!

This means... No more orange lipsticks for me. Corals yes, orange definitely no. 

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick shade?



  1. Awh I actually thought it looks lovely on you!

    1. thanks! it is growing on me i have to say :) x

  2. I love coral/orange lipstick! I've recently done a post about my favourite coral lipstick if you wanna check it out :)


    I know exactly what you mean about different skin tones suiting different lipsticks. I don't suit pink lipstick at all but I love an orange lip! Everyone's different :) xx


    1. i love that colour on you, it's gorgeous. and you're right - orange doesn't suit everyone! it is growing on me, but at the mo it's still one for when i'm feeling brave! x

  3. Hey! You should try 'ohh la la' by topshop, it's a coral but leaning more towards the pinky side! Great blog :) x


    1. this has been on my list forever - will check it out :)

      thanks hun, taking a peek at yours now :)
      L xx


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