17 June 2013

Skincare | Cleansers

Continuing on my mission for a great skincare regime, I have recently shaken up my cleansing routine and really commited to it, and to be honest I have seen the biggest difference because of it. I've gotten rid of a lot of "treatments" like La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - as much as I love it I wanted to go back to basics - and honestly I haven't had to use it.

So, cleansing is basically cleaning your face. Simple I know, but like me you may not have really registered the importance of doing so. When I said to my boyfriend "since I've been doing it properly my skins has really cleared up" and he looked at me like an idiot - for him it just seemed like common sense. So what have I changed?

Well, I now have a proper routine. I cleanse in the morning, and double cleanse in the evening. After reading Rebecca's post on double cleansing I am now addicted and feel a bit eugh if I don't.

So in the morning I use my Origins Zero Oil cleanser, it's a gel cleanser that was recommended by Kate from gh0stparties for oily skin, which is exactly what I have. I pop a bit in my (clean) hands, and then apply to the face using my fingers in a circular motion until it covers my entire face. Then using a flannel, I remove with warm water - again in circular motions. I use a flannel instead of a muslin cloth as I just cannot get on with the cloths, I just tend to find them dirt catching and harder to rinse, and a flannel works perfectly for me anyway.

Then, in the evening I use a micellar water to remove my make up as my first cleanse. I've been switching between Bioderma and B.Pure. Both are great at removing make up, personally I prefer Bioderma but it's a little harder to get hold off so I use that when I've been wearing a lot of make up, and B.Pure for everyday make up.
For the second bout of cleansing I go back to my Origins Zero Oil to get rid of any excess dirt or rubbish on my face.

Since using this as my everyday cleansing routine my skin has significantly improved in appearance. I've used the micellar waters for ages already, so I am putting this mainly down to the Origins cleanser. A tad pricey but absolutely essential for me now - I couldn't live without it.

I would definitely recommend reading through Rebecca's post on double cleansing as it's a real eye opener, you can see it here.

What cleansers do you swear by?

Disclaimer: Please remember that all skincare is subjective. This review is based on my personal experiences with the products and based on my skin type. 

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  1. I need to get my hands on Bioderma! I love your blog!


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