5 June 2013

Life | How to Follow T&M

I didn't know whether to do one of these posts as I've seen a few around and some people have been a bit negative about them. However, I love my blog, I work hard at it and it makes me feel incredibly humble when I see a new follower has popped up somewhere and I like returning the favour with some of my favourite blogs. I love following them and I hope they get the same humble feeling when they get a new follower, like me. So, I thought I would pop up a post letting you guys know how to follow my wee little blog here.

So you can follow T&M on a variety of platforms and I've popped all the links below for you to make it easy for you!


Just to let you know - once I hit 200 followers on Bloglovin I will be doing a giveaway for those followers so keep your eyes peeled!

I want to a say a huge thanks to the followers I already have, all those who have been with me on this amazing journey - I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you guys so a great big HUGE thank you for that!
Now usually I hate getting comments going "i've followed you, follow me" but I am giving you all permission to leave your links below and I will work my way through them - 1,2,3... go!

Leave your links below!!


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  1. I personally like these kinds of posts, we work hard on our blogs and want to showcase them!
    Just followed you via GFC :)

    FashionProject x


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