24 June 2013

Make Up | Benefit Stay Flawless Primer

I popped over to Southampton Orange Rooms for the launch of this little beauty in May. This is Benefit's latest offering for long lasting make up. This is a 15 hour primer and is described as a magnet that holds your make up in place for up to 15 hours.

Lisa P-D, Head Trends Make Up Artist for Benefit showed us how to use it - apply in circular motions starting from the forehead and work your way around. We were warned that it will feel slightly sticky on application, which is does, but that it can be counteracted with make up applied over the top. This is also designed to be able to be used with PoreFessional, which is how I've been using it.

I found that PoreFessional was the best way to counteract the sticky feeling this primer leaves behind. Then Hello Flawless popped on top. In terms of lasting time, I would say that it doesn't tend to last as long without PoreFessional with it - and I think it's to do with my oily skin. PoreFessional works well at counteracting the oil whereas I don't think Stay Flawless is probably the best for oily skin.

Overall I do still think it's a great product. For me I need it with PoreFessional to be able to comfortably wear it and it stay on. I think this would be the perfect primer for other skin types. Saying that - I am still using it everyday and I do like it.

Will you be trying Benefit Stay Flawless?

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