3 June 2013

Skin Care | An Overhaul

When I started blogging one of the things I really wanted to write about was skincare. I am by no means an expert, in fact I'm nowhere close which my skin can attest to. I try products, sometimes they work, the majority of the time they don't really so I've now made it my mission to overhaul my skincare and actually just sort myself out!

If you read the blog you'll probably be familiar with my skin type, but basically I get oily skin, especially on the apples of my cheeks and bridge of my nose. Also my hair line. I also get break outs around the chin area and the apples of my cheeks.

For me, I need to control said oiliness and know how to combat these break outs. I found this website here that gives 10 reasons as to why you might be breaking out... I think my main issues are probably a mix of hormones, oil and diet. Also not washing my face, I've become so lazy with skin care I've become ridiculously lax.

I think with me, in terms of trying out products, I need to educate myself more on skin care. At the moment I just use products willy nilly, but I am getting a lot more picky and am definitely looking at others reviews before I purchase.

One video I would really recommend watching is Kate's Skincare for Beginners (gh0stparties) which you can see here. This was great for me and I've taken a lot of advice from her and her blog in general. Also, check our Rebecca's blog Be Beautiful, she has some fab posts on skin care tips and techniques. Another great post to read is Kat over at Jemima and Ted, who's also done a skincare overhaul recently which you can see here.

I've decided to do a series of posts on skin care and how I am overhauling myself and the products I use. Skincare isn't easy to understand, or get to grips with, so not only will this series of posts help me sort myself out, but I'm hoping it will be of some help to you guys as well. So I hope you enjoy it!

Any tips for a skincare novice?


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  1. What a cute blog you have here! I have oily skin and I find that it's my make up as well as my skin care that brings out spots. For example, I've changed from a liquid to a powder foundation and I use Superdrug tea tree skin care. :) hope you find some useful products soon! new follower :)



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