Summer Care | Carmex Lip Balm


When wearing a gorgeous lip colour the last thing you want it evidence of chapped dry lips. I know for me I can never win with this. Winter weather dries it out, so does the summer weather. I decided I would give Carmex a go. I had heard that it could be a bit harsh for some people, but I was ready to give anything a go.

So, on application it feels quite tingy and a tad uncomfortable, but it also feels like it's really doing something. After using this for a few weeks my lips have significantly improved. They are smooth and healthy. I couldn't recommend this enough and this is a can't live without product for me now. It is a holy grail product and I recommend everyone have it!! Go.. Now... Buy! :)

What's your lip saving product?


  1. Haha I like the fact that it tingles purely because it feels like it's doing something! xx

  2. I think I need to give Carmex a try, I constantly have dry lips and nothing seems to help! :(

  3. I always have a pot / tube of carmex on the go. Makes my lips feel so soft.


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