19 June 2013

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Okay, so “beauty” and “danger” isn’t exactly two words you would put in the same sentence, however a survey by First4Laywers showed that 13% of those asked has had an injury resulting from a cosmetic or beauty treatment. Suprisingly, over half of this being men. That’s a bit of a shocker! But obviously us ladies have suffered before as well... The top three treatments that caused injury were hair cut or dye, leg or bikini wax and UV tanning beds. All of which seem to go hand in hand with summer holidays... So to help try and keep you all safe I’ve popped together my top 5 tips for staying safe in beauty
1.       Do the patch test – this goes for wax as well as hair dyes. Reacting badly to ingredients can be incredibly dangerous. I am one for the lazy “nah won’t do the test”, but having seen horror stories in newspapers from bad reactions I religiously test now. Luckily I haven’t found anything I’m allergic to yet (touch wood) but you have to be careful.
2.       Research the hairdresser/beauty parlour you are going to. I always try to go on recommendations. The hairdresser I currently see was recommended by a friend whose been going to her for years, and the beauty parlour I go to for waxing etc is one my Mum and best friend go to. Always check reviews
3.       Don’t push your limits – there are so many warnings against sun beds. Personally I would rather have a fake tan, but I know others who love a sun bed, but it’s important to know your limits. If you are a first time, take it easy. Talk to those who have done it before, talk to the employees of the place – they are there to help. Baby steps first.
4.       Be Upfront – tell your hairdresser or beautician of any skin complaints, hair worries etc that may affect the treatment. For example, I have a hoop in the top of my ear and the amount of times it’s been snagged by a hairdresser is countless – even after I tell them, but they are more cautious if they know. If you are allergic to anything they can usually accommodate you and actually offer you advice. Don’t keep something hidden because you’re embarrassed – it could cause trouble. Also, if the hairdryer is too hot, water too hot etc tell the hairdresser! They don’t want to burn your head...
5.       Cosmetic Surgery – again, go to a referred place, look at reviews and for god’s sake, make sure you’re sure. Most procedures are major surgeries and things can go wrong, so please do your research, go to the consultations and listen to what they say, take their advice and take as many precautions as possible.
I feel a bit like a mum with all this safety advice so apologies – but it really is important. As fun as beauty is, sometimes it can be risky so please take precautions. 13% of people have had accidents – it may not seem like a lot but in relation to the UK, it’s still a good few thousand people.
What are your top safety tips? Have you ever had a “beauty” accident?

*This post is written in association with First4Lawyers

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  1. Such good advice! I never really though about how dangerous some beauty routines actually are, but you make a good point, we need to be more careful! xxx


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