14 June 2013

Skincare | Vichy Aqualia Thermal

My skin lacks moisture, there - I've said it. Where I try to avoid moisturisers so not to aggravate my oily skin, the moisture tends to disappear from my skin. Then it gets dry. So instead I've focused on using moisturisers that work for oily skin. I've found that this is one of them.

I've started using two moisturisers in the morning, for many reasons which I will state in a later moisturisers post, and this is one of them. I've found it to be incredibly light and quick to absorb into the skin. You only need a little bit to cover the entire face and since I've been using this I've noticed a difference in my skins hydration. It's also paraben free - so yay!

This is specifically for sensitive skin, which I don't have, but I think this would be a great moisturiser for all skin types. It's a fab little product and has become instrumental in my skincare overhaul. I would definitely recommend this.

What moisturisers do you recommend for oily skin?


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