23 June 2013

Make Up | Mac Woodwinked

This eyeshadow became the object of my affection after I saw Zoe wearing this on one of her recent videos. I think I missed what she was talking about as I spent it staring at her eyes going "I must have that eyeshadow...". Turns out it was Woodwinked and now it's mine. Woop!

Described as a warm antique gold, I would say it's more of a bronze than a gold with definite brown tones. I love the colour. I'm definitely a neutral eyeshadow girl and this is the epitome of that, with a touch a style to it. It's very easy to apply and looks gorgeous on.

One thing I'm a bit disappointed in is the longevity of the shadow. I find that after a few hours it tends to crease, which is something I have only found with cream eyeshadows. It does last a good few hours, but by the time I get home from work it has all but disappeared and just looks patchy. Otherwise, it's a great eyeshadow and I still adore the colour.

Have you tried Mac eyeshadows? Which is your favourite?



  1. This looks beautiful, Inhave naked lunch, shroom, jest and all tgat glitters but am not convinced.

    Beth May Blogs

  2. This is my all time favourite Mac eyeshadow. I love it. Such a pretty colour


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