17 October 2016

Food | Rolo Cupcakes

It's been a little while since I had the baking bug, but over the weekend I had the urge. And this urge led me to experimenting with a couple of different couple cupcake recipes, including these Rolo Cupcakes. Easy to take, tasty and a real crowd pleaser.


15 October 2016

Life | I Got Married!

I'm a wife. I still can't get used to saying that phrase, as well as introducing myself with my new last name. For 18 months I planned the day, our perfect perfect day, and suddenly it was there. It came around so quickly, and now I have official wedding blues. So, to help me with this I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite photos from the big day, taken by the incredible Hana Venn.


14 October 2016

Beauty | My Essential Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes

For the past few years I've always been more of a liquid liner girl than a full on shadow kinda gal. I just bought out my shades for special occasions, or a neutral base to lengthen the stay of my liner. However, the past few months I've done a complete 180 and I believe these palettes have a little something to do with it. A range of colours, full or pigment, long lasting - and the best part? They're only £10 each.


13 October 2016

Books | Honeymoon Reading List

One of the things I love about going on holiday is having the time to do nothing else but get completely absorbed into a new book. My ideal holiday would be a sun lounger by a pool, or beach (I'm not fussy), with my kindle and a cocktail. So when we went to Mexico for our honeymoon I was sure to put together a Honeymoon collection on my Kindle to work my way through.

12 October 2016

Food | Cajun Chicken & Chorizo Risotto

Cooking is soothing, putting together different flavours and and ingredients and making the work together. Trying different recipes, experimenting and blending different elements to make something awesome. Risotto is a bit of a pain to make in terms of time, but it's also a great dish to blend different flavours easily and come up with something awesome for everyday meals.

11 October 2016

Beauty | Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

Finding a good base is like finding a good husband. It's hard to find one that ticks all the right boxes, and it's hard to stick to it. But when you find it, you want to throw an over the top party, throw a few shapes and show it off to the world. This is how I felt when I first tried the Diorskin Forever Foundation. It was love at first sight.


10 October 2016

Life | Take a Break

It's always nice to take a moment, stop and take a breath. No matter how long that breath you take it can be the most cleansing thing, and also the most inspirational. This is something I really haven't been able to do lately, which is why I've been a bit MIA.

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