11 October 2016

Beauty | Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

Finding a good base is like finding a good husband. It's hard to find one that ticks all the right boxes, and it's hard to stick to it. But when you find it, you want to throw an over the top party, throw a few shapes and show it off to the world. This is how I felt when I first tried the Diorskin Forever Foundation. It was love at first sight.

OK so, I may have weddings on the brain, but I feel the analogy fits. I've tried many, many, different types of bases over the years and there's always been something missing from each of them. I've never really found the perfect base - the one I'd quite happily slather on my face til death do us part. That is, however, until my wedding trial when my make up artist put the Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation on my face and left it there for the day. 

First of all it comes in the most beautiful, expensive looking packaging. Frosted thick glass, shiny black lid and easy to use pump. It looks perfect sat on my bathroom window sill. Then we move into the product itself. Now this is described as a high coverage foundation, so if you prefer your lighter coverage this may not be fore you, and also more for colder months then the hotter, sweatier months. But, for a high coverage foundation this feels incredibly light on the skin. It's so comfortable and it really doesn't feel like you have anything on. It's super easy to apply, I prefer to use a dense brush like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend in seamlessly. I find around one and a half pumps is enough to cover my full face. 

This foundation has a lovely, smooth matt finish that gives an incredibly flawless look and smooths everything out. Yes it is matte - so some of you may be running for the hills - but it still has a slight glow to it. It's also incredibly long lasting - which is why it was my wedding foundation. You really don't have to worry about touch ups and you find no patches. It's the perfect long lasting, finish.

Now, this foundation may not be to everyone's taste - as I said if you're not into a matte finish or high coverage this won't be your perfect base. But if you're like me this is right up your street. If the price tag is a bit too high for you, it is obviously a high price point, then I would try the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation as a great drugstore dupe. 

What's your perfect base?


  1. I remember receiving a sample of this and how much I loved it! Completely forgot about it, until you posted this! Might have to have a cheeky spend now! x

    1. I would definitely check it out! Debenhams has money off at the moment if that's any help!
      Thanks for checking out the blog lovely
      Lisa x


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