13 October 2016

Books | Honeymoon Reading List

One of the things I love about going on holiday is having the time to do nothing else but get completely absorbed into a new book. My ideal holiday would be a sun lounger by a pool, or beach (I'm not fussy), with my kindle and a cocktail. So when we went to Mexico for our honeymoon I was sure to put together a Honeymoon collection on my Kindle to work my way through.

I somehow managed to work my way through 9 books whilst we were away, which is pretty good going by my standards. And I swore when I got home I'd write a review for each one and let you guys know what I thought of each one. You might want to get a cuppa...

This is the third book in a series, or technically 5th. It's about a teenage girl who found out in her first book that her dad was famous rock star Johnny Jefferson. There was originally two about how Johnny met his wife Meg, and this is the third predominately just around Jessie, Johnny's daughter from a previous fling. Very much a YA book, it's such an easy read for a holiday. There's not a huge amount of story to it, but it's very easy to follow and is light hearted. I love the characters, which is why I've carried on reading the series. Meg and Johnny work together as a couple, and Johnny comes into his own in these stories. He is my favourite character and if I'm totally honest I prefer the first two books in this series when it's all about Meg and Johnny. If you want a very easy read then I would suggest these books, if you want more of a brain teaser this won't be your thing.
Rating: 6/10

The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern
Cecelia Ahern is one of my all time favourite authors. I love her books, how they twist reality and really makes you think about your own life. The characters always go on such a journey to find their true selves and I really love that. In this particular book it follows Sabrina who is looking to find out more about her father whose recently suffered a stroke, and finds out he was hiding a secret life. It's incredibly heartwarming, As with all of her books it's beautifully written and utterly captivating. I'm going to be honest and say it's not my favourite of her books, but I did still fall in love with it.
Rating: 8/10

The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger
I'm pretty sure I've read all of Lauren Weisberger's booked, from The Devil Wears Prada through to Chasing Harry Winston, and now The Singles Game. I have to say I really do enjoy her books, they aren't your typical boy meets girl and falls in love. It's much more realistic. This particular story follows Charlotte "Charlie" Silver who suffers a set back in her professional tennis career and you follow her on her way back up the top. There's twists and turns, it's witty, funny and you're not always routing for the main character which makes a change. It's a story about balancing your ambitions, with your personal life - something I feel everyone can relate to.
Rating: 8/10

Billy and Me by Giovanni Fletcher
I downloaded this book after I saw it was part of Zoella's recommended list for WHSmith. The synopsis sounded very similar to Paige Toon's books with a normal small town girl falling for a big celebrity and dealing with the reality of doing so. Sophie May is an adorable character and you can't help but fall completely in love with her. She's incredibly sweet but deals with anxiety and unease in social situations. I have to admit, I wasn't so in love with Billy as I think a lot of other people have said. I felt he was a bit neglectful at times and not quite so understanding. However, I thought the story was beautiful and I couldn't put it down. The perfect bedtime story to snuggle up with.  
Rating 7/10

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
Totally and completely different genre to the other books in this post, but actually my complete and utter favourite. This book follows PC Peter Grant and his introduction into the wizarding world when he's recruited into a special division in the London Met that handles all paranormal criminal activity. It's incredibly witty, sarcastic and enticing. The first in a series (which I'm not working my way through) that follows PC Grant, you somehow manage to fall in love with him, his complete inability to do the right thing and yet he somehow manages to come out on top. I would highly recommend to anyone who likes a bit of fantasy. I'm completely hooked.
Rating: 9/10

The One We Fell in Love With by Paige Toon
Paige Toon does tend to be a really good holiday read, as you can tell, and this story was no different. I feel this was one of my favourites of hers. The story follows triplets who all, at some point in their lives, have feelings for the same guys. It's a story about sisterly love, loyalty and finding yourself. It was such a easy read, with one big twist that changes everything about their lives. I've read most of her books, but this was made my heart swell and appreciate the family I have.
Rating: 8/10

The Stylist by Rosie Nixon
A very easy and quick read, this story follows Amber who somehow finds herself as the assistant to major celebrity stylist Mona in the middle of Awards season. This book very much reminds me of a Devil Wears Prada, with Mona as the nightmare boss and Amber as the overworked and overlooked assistant. I did enjoy it, but I didn't feel like it gripped me or drew me into the story, and I felt it was quite predictable. If you want an easy read then pick this up, however if you haven't yet I would still read for the Devil Wears Prada instead.
Rating: 5/10

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I am so behind the trend with this one. I remember starting to read this a while ago and then I got distracted, so I decided to give it another go - and I'm so so glad I did. The story follows Lou Clarke who becomes a carer for depressed paraplegic Will Traynor who is determined to end his life. You immediately fall in love with Lou's optimism, determination and quirky style, and you will her to turn Will's life and depression around. Heartwarming and heartbreaking, this book completely hooked me and is the first ever to have tears streaming down my face in public. Thank god for sunglasses by the pool.
Rating: 9/10

After You by Jojo Moyes
I had so much hope for this after the first, I was dying to read the sequel and continue with Lou's story. I can't give too much away about the plot without ruining the first story, but Lou's character is diminished and the quirks you feel for in the first book have disappeared for the majority of this book. Understandable in some ways if you consider the first book, but still a little frustrating when you're so invested in a character and the personality is completely different in the sequel. Still heartwarming, and again heartbreaking in Jojo Moyes style, I did like it, just not as much as it's prequel.
Rating: 5/10

What books would you suggest I read next?


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