14 October 2016

Beauty | My Essential Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes

For the past few years I've always been more of a liquid liner girl than a full on shadow kinda gal. I just bought out my shades for special occasions, or a neutral base to lengthen the stay of my liner. However, the past few months I've done a complete 180 and I believe these palettes have a little something to do with it. A range of colours, full or pigment, long lasting - and the best part? They're only £10 each.

I've found that Maybelline tend to do eyeshadows better than anyone else on the high street. I fell head over heels for their Colour Tattoo cream shadows, so I was intrigued to try their powder palettes when the first one launched. Now there are three different versions, all unique and all hits in their own right. All three palettes come with six great shades, a mix of matte and shimmer, and they all come with recommendations on how to use each shade and the others it goes well with. But let's take a look at each one individually...

Now I did do a full review on this palette a fair while ago which you can read here. However, here you have a beautiful range of warm neutrals that range from everyday use to nightime smoke. YOu have about 7 shimmer shades, and 5 matte, all of which have equal lasting power and feel buttery soft. You can see by the palette which are my most used, but I love teaming the beautiful warm gold with a deep bronze shade in the crease for an everyday subtle smoke. 

I was so excited to try this palette out. I love my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and the blushed tones it boasts, so to find a more purse friendly version was super exciting. This is a great everyday palette if you want something different to your browny or grey nudes. All shades have at least a little shimmer in them, and personally I do find this palette doesn't last as long as the original The Nudes, but they still last longer than any other high street palettes I've tried. Personally I love the rose gold tone on the left hand side, teamed with a deeper berry pink to take it into the evening. I absolutely love the colours in this palette, it's a different everyday pick for those who want to venture into the new pink eyeshadow trend. 

The newest edition to this line, and one I didn't think I'd use that much but absolutely love. This is for those who prefer colder toned nudes as it's full of greys and some unusual colours if you want to go a little bit different or wacky. A pretty equal number of matte and shimmer shades, these have incredible lasting power and the darker shades have full pigmentation. I feel this is going to be the perfect winter eyeshadow palette with a beautiful lilac grey for everyday use, and then a gorgeous navy that I think will make the perfect winter smoke, or a nice alternative to a black liner.

Overall I absolutely love these palettes, and since I've had them I haven't reached for any other eyeshadow in my collection. I may have even taken all three on my honeymoon with me... There's no so thing as too many palettes for holiday right?

What's your everyday eyeshadow for the colder months?


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