30 October 2015

Beauty | Fighting Tired & Blemish Prone Skin

For the past few weeks I've been having major skin issues. I was incredibly tired, I was stressed and pushed to my limit, and it was reflecting on my skin. I have spots breaking out everywhere, dry patches galore and it just looked incredibly dull. Thankfully I have a ridiculous amount of skincare products in storage and I found just the products to sort me out.


27 October 2015

Life | Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest things in life is to say goodbye. Whether it be to a memory, job, hobby or a friend. I hate the word goodbye. It sounds so final and I hate the idea of never again. For me I've just had to say a massive goodbye to a huge part of my life, my job. I'm moving to another company, but the move brings on a lot of changes, and a part of me is reluctant to let go.

25 October 2015

Food | Autumnal Cinnamon Cookies

Totally on the opposite scale to healthy eating, I decided to cook up some autumnal treats. and nothing says autumn more than cinnamon. So I had a look through some recipes and cooked up my own version of these very yummy, light and tasty biscuits (or cookies... depending on what you want to call them).

22 October 2015

Style | The Autumn Hat

I feel like I am so behind the times on this one but I'm so in love with my new hat. I've seen a few people wearing this style of hat and have been coveting for ages, so I just bit the bullet and went and got myself one from Topshop. I love it, I basically live in it and I think it's perfect for this autumnal weather.


21 October 2015

Beauty | Budget Autumn Face

Autumn is officially here. The brisk mornings, the fallen leaves and the start of Strictly and X Factor. This also brings around the change in colour palettes dominating my make up drawers. Corals and pastels move to the bottom and back of the drawers, whist berries and bronzer s find their way to the front. With that in mind I created an autumnal make up look, which I've fallen in love with.


20 October 2015

Health | A Simple & Healthy Daily Lunch

As part of my healthy diet I needed to sort out my lunch time habits. Taking lunch into work can be annoying, and honestly you probably usually end up going for the easiest option. However, I've decided that from now on I'll be popping together a healthy lunch to last me the week each weekend. Something simple I can take it that's tasty, and also healthy.

19 October 2015

Beauty | Cheeky Zoella Beauty Haul

I have to admit, when Zoella first launched her beauty products I was really excited and very happy for her, but I never really felt the need to rush down to Superdrug and buy it all. It may have been because I was more make up obsessed at that point. However, after the launch of some of her newer products I felt the need to put in an order. Finally. 


18 October 2015

Life | A New Start in Autumn

This autumn is all about new starts for me, in many different ways. I love autumn, the crisp mornings, cosy candles, return of favourite tv shows, and many birthdays. Therefore it only seems right that my favourite season is also the catalyst for a brand new way of thinking.


16 October 2015

The Favourites | Budget Autumn Lip Shades

It's that time of year where the weather's getting colder, nights are getting darker and mornings are getting less and less tolerable. This also means it's gotten to that time of the year where nails get more muted, skin gets paler and lips get darker. Because of this I thought it was time I had a good old rummage through my lipstick draw and picked out my top five autumn shades.


15 October 2015

The Hack | Easy Smokey Eye - Or Is It?

I do love a smoky eye, however sometimes it's never as easy as it looks. A natural smoky eye is definitely one of those things. It looks great when it's done right, but it can look slightly drag queen-ish if it's overdone. It is very easy to look overdone. So when I found a hack on pinterest to make it easy as, I decided to give it a go...

13 October 2015

The How To | Matching Bridesmaids Make Up to Dress

I don't know if you know this but I'm getting married next year and I'm getting to the stage of bridesmaid dress shopping. Choosing a dress that every one of your bridesmaids will be happy in is damn near impossible and there are so many different options now that you're spoilt for choice. Then, when you've finally chosen your dress comes the next hard part - choosing the make up to go with it.


11 October 2015

The Review | Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse DD Creme

I'm always a bit sceptical of alphabet creams - BB, CC, now DD? Is there an EE yet that I just haven't seen? Anyway, while I was in France this summer I wanted to try some Nuxe products and decided to pick up their new DD cream. But what does a DD cream actually do?

9 October 2015

The Dupe | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush v Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

These blushes are both probably two of the most hyped up of the past twelve months, and it's quite easy to see how and why this has happened. It's also easy to see visually how similar they really look on first impressions. Literally, if you took them out of the packaging you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I also absolutely LOVE both products. 

3 October 2015

How To | Engagement Shoot Make Up

When I first booked my photographer and was told we got a complimentary engagement shoot I was really quite excited. It wasn't until the actual day that I thought ah - on the wedding day I get someone professional to make me up, but no, not today. Today I do it myself. So, I had to think of a fair few things before I put my face on.

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