15 October 2015

The Hack | Easy Smokey Eye - Or Is It?

I do love a smoky eye, however sometimes it's never as easy as it looks. A natural smoky eye is definitely one of those things. It looks great when it's done right, but it can look slightly drag queen-ish if it's overdone. It is very easy to look overdone. So when I found a hack on pinterest to make it easy as, I decided to give it a go...

I'm not 100% sure where this originated from, but click on this link here, and scroll down to #34 to see the full hack. I decided to give it a go with a my No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define Eyeshadow Crayon. So how did I get on? Well...

Not great. There are a few issues with this hack...Firstly, it was so HARD to draw on the bloody lines, keep them even and straight. You have to hold part of your eyelid up tight but it still goes funny over your actually eye. It took me forever just to try and get the lines right, and then I gave up and they look a bit weird.

Secondly, eyeshadow crayons dry quite quickly - which means you have to blend that in pretty darn quick or you end up with a random line here and there that won't blend as it's already dried. Definitely happened to me guys. If you ignore the random line left then yes, there's a nice little smoke there - however, it's really hard word. 

I tried it about 3 or 4 different types, I even swapped eyeshadow crayon brand and it really didn't make much difference. This is one of THE hardest make up techniques I've ever tried and I will not be going back. 

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