23 February 2016

Life | The Realities of Owning a Cat

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know I have a cat, I mean I post enough pictures of him. His name is Fred, and he is a member of my family. I've grown up with cats, I don't remember a time when we never owned a cat, so when I moved out is wasn't a question of if we get one, but of when. Enter Fred.. And a whole lot of realities I wasn't quite ready for.


21 February 2016

Beauty | Discovering OGX

It's only recently that I've really gotten into hair care and different brands, but I've loved OGX for quite a while now. I love their hair products and how they make my skin feel, and compared to some higher end brands I actually find this to be much much better.


10 February 2016

Life | Balancing Work and Life

I'm not a full time blogger, as you probably all have guessed. Everyone my age has some sort of job, or career, that they spend their life working at, their life trying to prove their worth. I am one of those, working in a job that I enjoy,  I know I can do and I want to move up in. Wanting, and doing however, are two different things. So whilst I'm trying to prove that I can do my job well, and am worthy of moving up, I also have to remember to keep a good work and life balance.

9 February 2016

Beauty | Jumping on the Sponge Bandwagon

I've seen a lot of people using beauty sponges over the last couple years of blogging, however after using one when I was a teen I was just put off jumping on that bandwagon. But when my trust Buffing Brush just wasn't seeming the blend as nicely as it used to, I started looking at ulterior methods of base applicators. 

8 February 2016

Wedding | The Perfect Invitation

Nothing has felt more real so far then receiving my wedding invites. It suddenly felt incredibly real that all these people were suddenly going to be invited to watch Adam and I get married. and I was going to have to send them out (with my Mum...). However, I was also so excited. I was so picky with my invites and I couldn't be happier with the results.


6 February 2016

Beauty | Valentines with Baylis & Harding

It's that time of the year again when singletons go into hiding and loved up couples dominate the outside world. Personally I'm not overly bothered about V-Day, I just like that it makes my other half actually be a little romantic. And treat me to nice little pressies such as these from Baylis & Harding. Even if you're not loved up, it's a good excuse to treat yourself to something scrummy. 

5 February 2016

Life | Thing I've Learnt as a Home Owner

Rewind two years and I was desperate to have my own home, I think a lot of people feel this way. And although people gave advise there have been so many lessons we've had to learn on our own. Fifteen months later and we've learnt so much since we moved in, so I thought I'd share.

3 February 2016

Beauty | 2016 Beauty Resolutions

Yes, it's February which means it's fully into 2016 now. But can we just say January was a trial month? I think that's a good idea. Resolutions are for January, but I've been thinking hard about what beauty resolutions I want to make this year, and actually stick to.

1 February 2016

Wedding | Choosing Your Readings

I've been back and forth a few times about having readings at my wedding. What would I have? Who would read it? What on earth would they say, would people throw up? After speaking to a few people who had them I finally settled on yes, I do want them. Here's why.

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