5 February 2016

Life | Thing I've Learnt as a Home Owner

Rewind two years and I was desperate to have my own home, I think a lot of people feel this way. And although people gave advise there have been so many lessons we've had to learn on our own. Fifteen months later and we've learnt so much since we moved in, so I thought I'd share.

I still think that there are gonna be your own little lessons to learn when your first place, but hopefully I can prepare you a little bit if you're about to start your new adventure.

It Won't Feel Like Home... For a While
I was expecting our house to feel like home after a couple of weeks. But honestly there are still days when I say the word home and still think of my parents house. It's natural though, I was there for 14 years before I moved out, so it will take a while to get used to. My advice, make it as "you" as possible, put photos up around the place and make it yours. The more homely touches you put in your home, the sooner it'll feel like yours.

Prepare to Become a lot less Selfish
This one goes without saying, but I'm talking in terms of money. Before I moved out I used to shop, a lot, and it was usually for make and clothes. Since moving out a lot of my money goes on my mortgage and bills. Even when I go shopping, it's usually to get some house bits and pieces... My priorities have completely changed. Which is weird, but I strangely like it!

You Don't Get a Night Off...
I really do miss the days where I could come home and sit down and just do nothing, you don't really get to do that any more. Your evenings tend to be spent either cooking, cleaning up afterwards, cleaning the house, ironing, tidying. Free weekends get eaten up by Sunday afternoons of ironing, Sunday mornings of food shopping. I think I didn't quite get that for a long time and I'm still fighting against it, but it's just life and reality.

I Know Nothing.
Seriously. Ironing - I suck at it but I still keep going and keep moving with it. I think I've improved in the past year... Don't even get me started on DIY - both the boy and I suck at this, although he is learning. When our washing machine didn't drain we were both a bit stumped, and when our hot water broke - yeah. I'm not going to lie, We're a bit hopeless, BUT it's all part of the fun of living together...

This is the Start of Your Life
It sounds weird, but honestly it felt like the start of our life together. Adam and I had been together nearly seven years when we finally moved in together and bought our house, but we always say our life together didn't start until that day. It was our life, one we owned and controlled and one we could move forward with together. It's a good feeling.

Don't Take Each Other for Granted
One thing I will say is that since living together I do think we probably take each other for granted a lot more than we did before. We've gone from making the effort to go and see each other and do things to just being there as normal, so I would say you still need to make that effort. I'm probably more guilty than him, but keep the romance going and don't take each other for granted.

What would be your lessons?
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  1. Yes, it definitely won't feel like home for a while. For ages I felt like I was living in a hotel or someone else's home. Yes the cleaning and everything takes so much time! Also I know nothing about paying bills or important things. Being a home owner has taught me to be more organised though!

    1. Definitely agree! Organisation is so important now. It's a massive learning curve definitely.
      Thanks for reading :)
      L x


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