8 February 2016

Wedding | The Perfect Invitation

Nothing has felt more real so far then receiving my wedding invites. It suddenly felt incredibly real that all these people were suddenly going to be invited to watch Adam and I get married. and I was going to have to send them out (with my Mum...). However, I was also so excited. I was so picky with my invites and I couldn't be happier with the results.

For me the invites had to reflect us and our wedding, so the colours had to stay with our theme. The little butterflies were an addition by us to the sample, again reflecting me. Butterflies not so much him. Also, as a marketer I read and re-read everything so many times to make sure it was perfect. But here are my top tips when putting together your perfect invitation.

Do your Research
Before looking for samples and specific invitations I spent a lot of time on pinterest looking at different types of invites, shapes and sizes, wording and style. From this we were able to determine what we liked, which were pocket-folds, wording and styles.

Limit your Samples
When looking at save the dates I ordered so many samples that I just got confused by all of my options. So for the invites I put together a list of must haves and only ordered a select number of samples so not to overwhelm. I believe I had around seven samples, two of which specially made for us from a brief. It made it a lot easier to see what we did, and didn't like, and how we wanted to move forward.

Don't Forget to Ask Questions
If you get a sample that you love, but something is missing, don't be scared to ask if they can edit or change something. For us our invites didn't include the patterned background, or the butterflies on the front. My friend wanted a specific colour, and they could accommodate her. Usually if they want your business, they'll make exceptions for you. You never know unless you ask.

Make it More Personal
Our wording is still quite formal, but we have little fun bits in our invite. Such as a gift poem, and little bits of wording on our RSVPs. Asking for song requests, and choosing the wording of yes or no. These little things make it a bit more personal to you, and make it more personal for your attendees. Formal wording may have a place, but bring it down a notch or two with little changes. 

Don't Settle
Your wedding is important, and the first thing anyone is going to see of your wedding is your invitation, so it has to reflect your wedding and you. That can hold a lot of pressure, but it doesn't need to. If you do your research you should be able to get what you want and need. But don't settle because you feel you need to. Fight for the invite you want and you need. It's out there somewhere.

What's your perfect invite?
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