1 February 2016

Wedding | Choosing Your Readings

I've been back and forth a few times about having readings at my wedding. What would I have? Who would read it? What on earth would they say, would people throw up? After speaking to a few people who had them I finally settled on yes, I do want them. Here's why.

The ceremony would be incredibly short otherwise, it was would a few minutes and apart from the two of you, nothing really really you. The ceremony has prechosen vows and contractual words, the same everyone has, and unless you write your vows then it's missing that little personal touch. So yes, I chose to have readings. Initially we said two, and within a couple of days we actually decided on three - thanks to finding one Adam really wanted his Dad to say.

However, as I sit here trying to find some that I really like I'm beginning to hit my head against a wall. I am a romantic, and I find most things lovely and sweet, but a lot of them just don't feel like "us". There are a lot of poems out there that I think a lot of people have, and you start to see the same ones coming up again and again - so I just want to steer clear of them.

Then I had an idea - Adam and I are very much film and TV kinda people, that's what we like doing, so why not try and incorporate that somehow? Which led me to find some really great options. Not just for us - but also for others as well. This includes sources like Love Actually, About Time, Les Mis, Disney, even Sex and the City and... Game of Thrones (no... not from the Red Wedding don't worry!). Since looking at it from this point of view I'm SO much happier looking and I feel like our choices are going to be much more like us and bring that extra something to our ceremony.

I think that's the important thing about looking for your readings. Think about the two of you - are you song people, film people, book or literary people. What's special to you and find a way to grab your readings from there.

There are so many out there you're bound to find something perfect for you. But definitely take the time to really look and delve into what's out there, Make sure it's 100% right, because it's going to mean something to you for the rest of you life.

What readings would you have at your wedding?
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