19 January 2016

Beauty | Topshop Lip Liners

I've become a little bit (okay, massively) obsessed with lip liners lately. Once upon a time I saw lip liners as they were in the 90s, a different colour around the line than the middle, and I shuddered. But now I can see the beauty of them, in particular these little budget beauties.

My relationship with Topshop make up has been a bit up and down over the years, especially their lip products. However, in the past year I've definitely joined the crowd of lovers over their ranges. I do think however that these Topshop lip liners are quite possible my favourite product from the entire make up range so far. 

Sometimes I find lip liners can be quite dry, it tends to be how they last so long, but can be uncomfortable. Luckily the Topshop liners are drying at all and still manage to keep their longevity. I find them more comfortable than the Mac liners to be honest which is great as it saves me some money!  But what about the colours?

Disco is a great everyday pink, slightly bluish which suits my skin tone perfectly, and goes with pretty much everything. I've worn this the most out of the two and it has become my everyday staple. Deception is a great winter shade, a deep red that reminds me of Rimmel's Kate Matte 107 shade (and coincidentally the two go really well together). It's a little less wearable daily than Disco, but an amazing shade and I do love it. 

Overall I'd say if you're looking for some really affordable lip liners in 2016, I would recommend looking these up. I just wish they did more colours!

What budget lip liners would you recommend I try?
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