11 January 2016

Life | New Thinking in 2016

The past couple of years have been amazing for me, with some incredible things happening. However, I've picked up a few habits I'm not too proud of, or happy with so instead of making resolutions this year, I want to try my hand at some new thinking. 

Healthier Mindset
For me snacking is continual and I hate that. When I'm more, I snack and it's usually crisps and crap. Not only that but I'm really lazy - you know the type - lifts instead of stairs, finding excuses to not go and do exercise.  So with that in mind, gone are the crisps from my cupboard and chocolate biscuits. In are ceral bars and fruit. Smaller portions are coming onto my plate, and hello dry January.

I actually went shopping for trainers the other weekend, trainers! Now I have to do exercise. Adam and I will be doing squash every week (when we find a place) and I am now taking all the stairs, and no lifts. I'm getting there... Baby steps...

Organised Blogging
I love blogging, I always have an I always will, but lately I've felt unmotivated and a little lost. So this year I'm really going to commit to being organised with it. I've already planned out all of January, replied to all emails, and ordered some decorations for my photos. 

I'm really excited about my blog this year, I've felt a little lost with it for a while but I'm so happy to be getting right back on track.

Tidier Living
It won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well to know I'm not exactly a tidy person... Really, I'm a bit of a mess. This comes with laziness. However, I'm determined that this year I can keep my little hour tidy and homely, and actually put clothes away.

I've already started this year by having a clean out of all my make up and making our bathroom tip top clean and tidy, the lounge has been reorganised and is much more of a nicer place to spend time and entertain. I'm getting there...

Venturing Outside the Home
When I say the home I really mean my home town. I have a few friends outside of where I live, and I feel like I haven't made the most out of visiting them as much as I should. One of my best friends lives in Cheltenham and I've been 3 times since she moved there - which was almost 7 years ago now. Not acceptable really.... 

Another friend lives in Cambridge and I've been once in 2 years - again not good - so I'll definitely be visiting them more this year. I also have friends left in London after I left the job I worked there so I definitely want to pop up and see them.

2016 is going to a historic year for me, I am getting married after all, but when I become a wife I want to be the best person I can be, for me and my new husband. So hopefully this new 2016 thinking will help!

What resolutions have you made this 2016?
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