12 January 2016

Beauty | Buy or Bye: Benefit Advent Calendar Products

My lovely friend and bridesmaid-to-be Beth was incredibly generous and gave me a Benefit advent calendar and I couldn't wait to start opening doors. It was a twelve day advent calendar so I couldn't start it until the 13th, but I really did enjoy trying all the different products.

This also coincides with a new feature I wanted to introduce on the blog called "Buy or Bye". Each month I'll take a look at some products and give you my opinion on whether or not I would advise you to purchase, or forget. So for this post I'm going to take you all through each Benefit product from my calendar, and give you my opinion on whether I would buy it, or leave it be.

Top of my list would definitely be Watts Up, it's a beautiful highlighter stick - I love the colour, the length of time it stays on the face and the healthy glow it gives. Porefessional is great, I've had so many samples of this I've always wondered why I've never bought the full size. However, I love how smooth it makes my skin before make up. I was pleasantly surprised with Total Moisture Facial Cream, it's very balm like in texture but it so good and plumping the skin and not increasing the oil in my skin.  Sugarbomb lip gloss is also a keeper, I love the nude shade of it and the texture - it's not too sticky but lasts a while. It's a very pretty every day shade. Oh La Lift is an under eye brightener that I wasn't too fussed on in the beginning, but I've found it does help brighten the darker circles under my eyes and have used this quite a lot recently. They're Real mascara is a bestseller for a reason - I have owned the mascara and I will own it again one day, and one day soon. This little sample reminded me just how much I do love this one. 

There were two mascaras in this kit, and unfortunately BADgal just didn't cut it for me, it really didn't do anything to my lashes and was a bit disappointing. It's not one I'd take a second look at now. Another product that just didn't rock my boat was Lollitint - I'm not a massive fan of their liquid tints anyway, but the colour of this one just didn't suit me at all unfortunately. While I loved the mascara, I wasn't too fussed on the They're Real Remover, I just didn't think it had anything extra that a good drugstore micellar water had. Another highlighter was High Beam, which was very pretty, however I'm not a big fan of applying liquid with the brush - like their tints - so that puts me off to be honest. Lastly, we have Hoola lip gloss - it's a great lip gloss - but the colour just isn't for me unfortunately. I think if you have a different skin tone though this would be right up your street. 

I feel like Rockateur needed it's own section - mainly because this sample doesn't tell me whether I should buy it or not. I know the full size has different colours in it, however this sample just has one - and it's an underwhelming one at that. But I feel like it doesn't give me enough to go on as to whether to buy the full version or not. 

Which of these would you buy, or bye?
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  1. This is such a good idea for a post! I really like the look of Watts Up, the stick format looks great. I have a sample size of High Beam and really love the way it looks on my skin :) I wasn't a fan of the Badgal mascara either, it was very... Meh.

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Thanks! There will be another on in Feb so keep an eye out :)
      Thanks for reading!
      L x


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