26 March 2013

How To | Blog with a Full Time Job

Running a blog with a full time job, and college on the side is hard, I'm not going to lie! There are times when I do think why do I do this to myself, but the answer is (and has always been) that I love it too much not to. I try and put a post up every day, mainly because I get excited when I know a post is being published and I can't wait to see what you guys, but also because I know when I go to look at my favourite blogs and they haven't posted that day I'm always a little disappointed.

So how do I do it? I promise I am not wonder woman - it's purely a matter of time management! So here are my top five tips!
1. Set aside time for taking pictures and writing
I usually have Wednesday's off work, so these are usually my days for taking pictures of products or outfits, or anything else I plan to post about. I do it all in one huge lump so that it's all done. I then upload them and edit them then and there.
Again with writing, I will usually use one evening a week (usually a Tuesday) where I sit down and write all my posts for the next week. This takes off a bit of the pressure and I spend an evening doing something I love!

2. Schedule Your Posts
I work in a shop, so access to a computer is pretty limited and definitely prohibited when it comes to personal use. So, I schedule all of my posts when I write them. This way I don't have to worry about getting a post up or what time it will go up - I schedule for the same time every day so I know when it goes up and can then tweet the link accordingly.

3. Don't stress if you don't get a post up!This is one I struggle with, mainly because I love putting posts up everyday, so if I've had a busy week and not had a chance to write posts I get a bit stressed. BUT! I keep telling myself to stop stressing - it's my blog and if I don't post for a couple of days the world will not end, people will not hate me for not posting.

4. Keep a notebook
To begin with I didn't do this and I was a very unorganised blogger. My posts were all over the place and features weren't really something I did - definitely not well. But recently I've started carrying a notebook around so when I get any ideas I can pop them in there, link any posts together and see when I can space them, what I can do for them and prepare.
With a feature like "Any Size" this is ridiculously important - I need to remember what theme is when and who I have signed up for it and when the pictures will be in by. This notebook is a definitely blog saver.

5. Take a break!
On my tea/lunch breaks I sit in the canteen and wonder what to do with myself. So I pop onto my smartphone and catch up with my favourite bloggers on twitter and their blogs as well. I read posts, and just have general chitter chatter.

I'm not going to pretend I am an expert - I definitely don't get it right all the time! But most of the time I manage and this is how I do it. I know a lot of bloggers struggle, so I was hoping this could help a little! There is no definite how to - just what works for you! Another great post on this is one written by the gorgeous Beth other at Bird Words, you can find it here so check that out as well if you need some more tips!

What are your tips for running a blog with a full time job?


  1. I love this tips! I do some of them as well. they are really helpful though. As I am in the same position as you: job, uni and blogging.
    I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! Thanks


    1. It's so hard! There aren't enough hours in the day haha!!
      And thank you :) hope its helped in some way! xx

  2. Great tips! I try and write my posts for the week ahead on a Sunday, but sometimes life does get in the way!!xx

    1. It really does - I've been missing a few days lately cause of full time work, and part time college... It's just making the time. It's worth it though when you do :) x

  3. I love this post! I also have full time, 10-6 weekday job so sometimes find it hard to blog as well, especially getting decent light for photos in the Winter months. The notebook idea is a great one - when I have quiet moments at work, I'll sometimes draft up a post or brainstorm some ideas.

    I'm contemplating getting a tablet at the moment actually (for various other reasons too!), which I'll end up using to blog/read other blogs on my breaks and journeys! x

    1. That is a great idea :) I know a couple of people who use ipads etc for their blogs when they are travelling a lot. Let me know how you get on with it :) x


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