22 March 2013

Review | Bad Girl Bronze


Yes, I know, I have already reviewed this in another colour but - I love this one more. I honestly didn't think it was possible to love this colour more than Bulletproof Beige but I do. I wanted to review this seperately because I used this in a completely different way than the other one.

WIth Bulletproof Beige I tended to use it just as an eyeshadow base, or purely in the inner corners to brighten my eyes. With this I'm using it more as an eyeliner on my waterline than anything else, teamed with a brown eyeliner on my top lid. It works really well like this and I love the affect on the bottom lid.

It has a metallic finish which is really subtle and just adds a little extra something, and not only that but it really does last all day and doesn't smudge. Yay! Such a fab bargain and a great guy - on my every day list!!

Which colour should I get next...

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