1 March 2013

Any Size: Florals

Who knew how hard it would be to find bloggers to do florals? I thought it would be so easy ... But apparently not! I just think it's such a versatile trend!

Dark florals are great for slimming and the winter, whereas brighter/paler florals can make you look bigger, or just there for the summer. So let's see how the bloggers took the challenge!

I've wanted Beth to feature for ages and she sent this months ago so am so glad it's finally up! How gorgeous does she look? Summer florals in a teeny dress #jealous #girlcrush (yes I'm using hashtags on my blog...)

The lovely Emma showing how to work florals in winter with a gorgeous bodycon, long sleeved dress. Definitely showing off her gorgeous curves here!

Showing off my favourite floral item, my Warehouse shorts. I think these shorts are great for a small hint of pattern and don't make my bum look ridiculously huge!

Again, showing how you only need a little bit of floral for it to make a big impact! Light florals can make you look bigger, but Jade works her way around this with just a touch and it works so well!

A big thanks to the little ladies above! Go and check out their blogs as you're in for a treat!! I'm in great company up here :)

As always, come find me on twitter if you wanna take part in an Any Size post!!

How do you style your florals?

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  1. Im just having a mahoosive read through your blog :) Love this post thanks so much for asking me to be a part of it (im off to nosey at the other ones now)
    Who knew florals would be so hard to put together!? I'd have thought it would be one of the easiest since theyre always in! I loveee the Warehouse shorts - i definitely need to have a hunt for some look-a-likeys! xx


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