28 February 2013

Dr Jart BB Beauty Balm

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm (travel size)

This BB cream has been raved about over a ridiculous number of blogs. It's one I have always thought about trying, but at £18ish I couldn't really justify it. However, I then saw this little travel size version on a blog sale for £4 and thought, why the hell not.

I have used it on its own and as a base for my foundation as well and I really like both uses. On its own I have found it to be pretty naked coverage. It absords really well and doesn't look like you're wearing make up, which I like. It evens the skin tone and doesn't aggravate my oily skin.

As a base I have found that it holds my foundation in place really well and doesn't adjust the colour too much, which I have found with some tinted bases that I've used.

It's thicker than my Maybelline BB Cream, but thinner than the Body Shop version - so it's a happy medium. It's thicker than my liquid foundations so I feel it helps with coverage, but it really is invisible when it's on the skin. It's like your skin but better.

I'm really happy with this product and I'm very tempted to purchase it nearer summer time for my holiday as I prefer these to foundations, plus it contains SPF - always handy! At the moment I'm happy just using the travel version as a base though. No idea where you can get it from, I'm sorry!!

What are your favourite BB creams?

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