8 February 2013

Any Size: Aztec

YES! Any Size is back :) I took a little break from Any Size for a number of reasons and I've really missed doing it, and I know you guys have as well so voila! It's made a welcome return! If you haven't seen these before, basically the idea is that 4 bloggers each week of 4 different sizes take on the challenge of sending me an outfit all the same "style". This is to show that "any size" can be fashionable.

This week, the Any Size bloggers have tackled Aztec. It's a trend that seems to come and go, and one that some people shy away from as they are scared of either the pattern or the bright colours. So how did we do it?

Now, I know there should be four of us, but unfortunately I couldn't find any size 14/16s etc who wanted to take part in this week so it's just us three!

Size 8: Kayleigh from Couture Girl
I'm sorry but WOW. A gorgeous girl in a really gorgeous dress. I love the bright bold colours and the pattern and how it showcases her gorgeous figure.

Size 10: Me 
I think if you're not sure about aztec then definitely go for a simple, dark pattern to tone it down and wear as a simple day look.

Size 12: Victoria from Victoria's Vintage
A gorgeous bodycon skirt, showing that you don't have to be a size 8 like Kayleigh to pull this look off! She looks gorgeous and sexy. Fab outfit!

A BIG thank you to Kayleigh and Victoria for taking part. These are such amazing bloggers and I feel very lucky to have them take part in Any Size. If you haven't seen their blogs before check them out now - you're missing out!!

I'm looking for some more Any Size bloggers - especially size 14/16 so if you want to get involved let me know and I'll let you know what I have free!!

What do you think of these looks? Are you glad Any Size is back? How would you style aztec for your size?


  1. Looking fab girls! I need more Aztec in my life :)
    Http://throughchelseaseyes.com/ xxxx

  2. Ooh Yey :) love it! Thanks for featuring me again :) love these kind of posts!! Xx.

    1. thank you for featuring again! love having you on here! x

  3. I'd loveto participate in something like this, I'm an 8/10 and you can contact me at hayleyyrussellx@hotmail.co.uk if you need an outfit for one x

    1. I would love you to :) will send you an email later on with all my available bits! x


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