7 February 2013

Natio Lips

Natio Moisturising Lipgloss*
I've reviewed this product before so I'm not going to go into too much detail about it, you can see my full review here, but if you don't want to peek there than basically:
This is a clear moisturising lipgloss that is my go-to gloss now. It's not sticky or gloopy, and it's perfect for slicking over the top of a lipstick to stop it drying your lips. I would recommend this lip gloss any day.

Natio Mineral Lipgloss in Caramel*
This is very similar to the moisturising lipgloss above, except it has a little colour to it. The colour itself is very subtle and quite shimmery, but very subtley shimmery (if that's a word!) It applies really nicely and isn't too goopy or sticky. It's a really nice everyday gloss and it's really moisturising as well so feels like it's not just sitting on top of the lips. I would love to try this in Lily and Grape as well! I think the colour itself is really nice, it suits my skin type really nicely and is fab for everyday wear.

Natio Mineral Lip Butter in Laugh*
This is a lip tint/lip balm type product. Basically you need to think of the Revlon Lip Butters in a tub. The butter isn't very highly pigmented, it's a subtle shade and this is a deep nude pink. It's a really nice shade on and really suits my skin tone. It's a little darker than my usual tone and it has a bit of a plum undertone. The tint lasts for a good couple of hours and leaves a nice matte finish. Big thumbs up from me.

Overall I'm really impressed with the lip products I've received from Natio. All three are really good quality and great for everyday products. You can get these from Debenhams and Tesco.

Have you tried any of Natio's lip products?

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  1. These look like awesome products. I've never tried this brand before, i particularly love the look of the lip butter x


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