2 February 2013

20 random facts about me

Everyone seems to be doing these and I'm loving reading everyone elses, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do a little 20 random facts about me! Enjoy...

1. I have two middle names, apparently my parents didn't think 1 was enough. They're Katharine May, I tend to ignore the Katharine bit, so I'm just Lisa May!

2. I have 5 ear piecings, 2 in each lobe and one about half way up one ear. I also have my belly button pierced.

3. I hate tomatoes, courgettes (evil cucumbers) and any kinds of nuts... to me they are all devil food!

4. I travelled for 4 weeks in Australia with my boyfriend, starting in Sydney and then working out way up to Cairns, was the best 4 weeks of my life!

5. I'm scared of horses. When I was younger my hair was quite blonde, so a horse chased me around a field thinking my hair was hay.

6. I love zoo's. Sometimes I think I should have done a degree that involved me working in a zoo. Everytime Adam and I go on holiday I make him take me to a zoo.

7. I've always wanted an Audi TT, I blame the film Swordfish with John Travolta and Huge Jackman (yes I did mean to spell it like that).

8. I have a MAJOR girl crush on Jennifer Aniston, so much so that I hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I think she is stunning and also just generally fab.

9. Chris Hemsworth is my future husband (sorry Adam), he's Aussie, gorgeous, hot and have you seen him with his daughter?! Basically, he is perfect.

10. My favourite film is probably The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. For those who have seen it - PENIS SONG!... For those who haven't.... click here

11. My best friend in the entire world is called Amber (you will have seen her on here). I met her through her step sister Beth (also one of my besties) and I have no idea what I would do without her... We have plans for our kids to marry each other and we can finally be family!

12. My favourite TV shows are Bones, Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl - I have all on DVD and i will watch them over and over again...

13. I love Kelly Clarkson. When I go on long journeys I like to stick all of her albums on (yes I have them all) and pretend I'm here. Sad, yes, fun, hell yes.

14. I have always wanted a female tabby cat called Molly. I have no idea why.

15. My favourite place to go on holiday is a little place in Portugal called Carvoerio, me and my family have been about 5 times and I love it.

16. I don't mind flying, but I hate landing. Thanks to a bad landing once when I was 18 and now, I'm petrified of it.

17. I have always wanted to touch a cloud. Yes, I know fog is cloud but that doesn't count to me... I want to touch a white fluffy cloud.

18. I have been with my boyfriend Adam for over 5 years now. We met at Staples, did long distance while we were at uni and are still together.

19. I share my birthday with my Mum. I was born at 3.52am - so she had the rest of her birthday to enjoy it!

20. I have always wanted to have a book published. I have only ever finished one book and it got lost when my computer died. Since then I've never been able to finish one.

Let me know if you do one of these as I love to read them! Hope you enjoyed mine!!


  1. I love going to the zoo, I really want to go see the Pandas at Edinburgh zoo x

  2. Can't believe you lost your book, thats horrible! Did you never print it or anything? Get writing!!

    Dan does all the photography for woburn safari, haha, we get free passes! Its insane, but its not quite like a good zoo <3

    fridayisforeverblog.com xx


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