3 February 2013

Sunday Catch Up #1

hair has gotten so long again  |  starting the weekend  |  leading lady  |  snow lisa
garden in snow  |  arthurs first snow  |  perfect cold weather snack  |  snow with the bestie
girls night out face  |  getting ready to walk arthur  |  models out freak out  |  pretending to be barclays
back at college  |  homemade milkshakes  |  how cute  |  choosing my chunky champion

O life. It's been a while since I've done of these posts (as it always is) but I seem to have amounted loads of pics over the past couple of weeks so voila - here it an instagram post! As you all know, it snowed week before last. I had a day off work (woop) and it was my besties birthday, so Adam and I carefully drove round to spend a couple of hours with her and Sam. It was also Arthurs first snow - he loved it!

Some of you may not know this, but I also went back to college a couple of weeks ago! It's just an evening course called PTLLS, which is basically a teacher training course, so I've started my journey to become a college teacher eek! I'm really enjoying it, bar the homework, and I can't wait to see where it leads me!

For those who asked about the Barclays tshirt on twitter - Adam works for Barclays, and I stole his tshirt, cause I love guys tshirts to slouch in. I now sleep in this with some of his old comfy joggers round his. Love guys clothes for slouchy time!

How's life been for you?

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