24 February 2013

Forest of Dean

It was half term this week, and me and the entire family (dogs included) headed off to the Forest of Dean for the week. So we have Mum and Dad, my big brother Simon, his girlfriend Hanah and their border collie Willow, Adam and I, my little brother Will and of course, Arthur. A full house!

We had a chalet for the 9 of us and it was lovely. On Tuesday we went up to Symonds Yat Rock and all you could see was mist everywhere.. it was incredibly surreal but beautiful. Then we headed down to the pub for some drinkies and then a walk along the river. I had to miss out on that due to my bloody foot, but Adam and I went back to the pub for some drinks.

Wednesday Adam and I tried out the hot tub, and then he unfortunately had to go home due to work (boo). The rest of us went off to discover King Arthurs cave in the middle of a forest... then back to the pub and then off to the family (cough) quiz - that wasn't really for families. We came third though and then headed back to the chalet for creating Oreo Tuffles (recipe to come soon with link to Hanah's new food blog) and drinking games.

Thursday Hanah, Si and Dad went off for a bike ride, and then we headed off on a Sculpture Walk (well, I lasted 10 minutes before limping back for a hot chocolate). Then back to the pub for more drinks and dinner.

It was such a lovely relaxing trip away and we were all very sad to leave... Sorry for the mass of photos!! I would defintiely recommend it for a country trip away!

What did you do last week?


  1. This looks like an amazing place to visit! x

  2. Aw it looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad you'd a great time xx

  3. Wow the chalet and forest looks beautiful! Oreo truffles sound pretty amazing too :)

  4. What a stunning location. I have never been. Looks like a perfect place to relax and enjoy the countryside. Its cute you can take your dogs too.

  5. that looks like the perfect getaway.x

  6. wow you've made the forest of dean look beautiful! I only live about 15 minutes away and honestly if there wasn't a title, I would never have guessed where you are. Glad you had a great time :)
    poppy | far away

  7. Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great time


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