15 February 2013

Any Size: Checked Shirt

So, I saw someone say the other day that checked shirts were just for the "larger sizes" as it hides a multiple of sins. Now, I totally disagree - checked shirts are for everyone! I know some people think they are unflattering for smaller sizes but nuhu, totally wrong.

Now, again I am missing my size 14... This is due to a technical issue at her end! But she will be featuring in Any Size in the future - I blame technology! So just three of us again, unfortunately! So here we go...

size 8: Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes
SO happy to have Chelsea on here, one of my fave bloggers styling a gorge shirt with some denim shorts, and fab pink dip dyed hair. Love it!

size 10: Me
I always feel like I need to wear mine whilst slouching, so I've teamed mine for leggins, a baggy vest and a woolly hat. Perfect for a lazy day off. O and can't forget arthur!

size 12: Gillian from Gillian Etc
Gillian has returned in this really cute outfit. Showing that checked shirts can be worn smart. This is such a geek chic look and I love it!

As always a huge thanks to those involved in todays post! I'm very excited for next weeks as I love the theme and hopefully there will be FOUR of us!!

How would you style your checked shirt?


  1. These posts are such a great idea! Check shirts really do suit anybody. Just look at Lights in the Siberia video, she is teeny tiny and looks great in hers!


  2. I love these posts you do. I think it's so nice to see a variety of sizes on a blog showing how something can be worn on all sizes. I'd love to be considered for one of your posts maybe one day?
    Keep up the fab posts, especially these!!
    Ally xXx


  3. My checked shirt is one of my wardrobe staples - worn on its own or open with a t-shirt underneath!

    I am your latest follower on GFC - if you like my blog we could follow each other?

    Charlie xx

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