11 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips


Yes, I caved to the hype. These have been everywhere in the blogging world, and I mean everywhere. Not only is it everywhere, but everyone has been raving about them and if it's anything I can't resist it's a highly hyped, affordable new lip product. So, with Boots vouchers and my Boots points I went off to take advantage of Rimmel's 3 for 2 offer.

The idea behind these is that they are a liquid lipstick as opposed to a lipgloss - I think (I'm not exactly an expert) this basically means it's more pigmented than a lipgloss and is designed to feel and act more like a lipstick than a sticky gloss.

I've found this product really easy to apply, the wand has a slight dip in the middle to collect more of the product and I found that this helps it to apply a more even colour across the lip. The colour itself is very highly pigmented, more so than most lipsticks I have tried and I think this could be due to the liquid element of it. I've found, in terms of staying power, more than anything when it's first applied it just sits on the lip more than absorbing it. It transfers very easily when first on as well. However, give it about ten, fifteen minutes and the colour is absorbed by the lip, more like a lipstick, and stays pigmented and glossy. The gloss fades after about an hour, but the colour stays for an extra couple. I have found that it has been a little drying on my lips, which isn't too fab and a bit off putting, but overall I do like this product and have been reaching for them quite a lot.
Nova is a vibrant, hot pink, it's not quite as bright as Apocaliptic, and that's why I chose it. It's a nice shade for evening wear or if you just fancy something a bit special. It is very striking on the lips and I do really like this one.

This is a nice nudey pink, with a bit of mauve in it. It's a fab everyday shade and was the first one I really wanted. I've worn this the most so far and this is definitely my everyday choice out of the three. I have found the colour fades more on this one than the other two though.

To begin with I wasn't 100% about this one, but it has definitely grown on me. It's a bright orangey coral that is quite pretty and I would imagine would look amazing with a tan. It's definitely a holiday shade.
Overall, I do really like these and I would love to try out the colour Stella, which is a very orangey pink and looks incredible on other people. These are great, and have become a real staple in my make up bag!

Which colours are you loving?


  1. i really want to get my hands on celestial, so nice!x

  2. It's a shame Luna is such an unforgiving shade because it's a lovely colour in the tube, I'm just concerned it would show up every single crease on my lips! Knew I should've picked up Celestial, it looks lovely on you! xxx


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