25 February 2013

Rebro Me Collection


I'm sorry, but LOOK HOW CUTE! Owl's seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment and I've loved the trend. Adam's mum loves owls and I swear it's beginning to rub off on me.

Rebro is a jewellery brand that I've recently discovered and I have fallen in love with these pieces. These earrings are from their "Me Collection" designed by Bronagh Reid as her first collection. The pieces are fashion forward, at the same time as suiting all styles.

I picked these gorgeous silver earrings with swarovki drops on the end, your choice of colour. I chose blue because, let's face it, blue is my favourite colour. They are really sweet and good quality as well for just a tenner. I love how it arrives as well inside the gorgeous silk silver bag, tied together with a little keyring with an "R" atttached. Such a nice touch, one you don't see very often.

Overall I really love the collection. It's very now, but will last throughout many different fashion seasons. I would definitely recommend going to have a look! With Mother's Day coming up as well this could be the perfect website to go to!

What pieces would you choose?



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