17 February 2013

Sunday Catch Up #2

valentines pressies  |  restarting friends |  my valentines outfit  |  mario kart saturday
homework  |  new base make up  |  sunday evening viewing  |  bowling
loving the bestie  |  fishtail plait  |  gorge earrings from Rebro  |  celestial
apocalips  |  testing the new wellies  |  alphabet snake at college  |  bringing home a big stick

I hope you have all had a lovely week! Mine has been a bit up and down - but hey, it can only get better! I am off to the Forest of Dean with the fam tomorrow, so if I'm a bit quiet on twitter this is why! I have posts scheduled for every day so you won't go without I promise!!

So it was Pancake Day and V-Day this week - spoilt! On tues I went to head to Becca's house for our annual pancake day, but unfortunately couldnt make it thank to a post being in the middle of the road on the way to hers - and I don't know how else to get there, so I ended up at Adams watching Mamma Mia with his mum instead. Still a good eve!

For V-Day, I was at college and in a foul mood (long story) but me and Adam decided to go out Saturday night instead for a meal and some romaaance. As we are all about saving atm we haven't been out to dinner since November - so I was very excited about this and it was the perfect evening - in my perfect new BooHoo dress! Which will be featuring in an OOTD soon I promise!

Otherwise, life has been a bit boring tbh! My parents have booked a villa in the south of France for July though so hopefully me and Adam will be joining them - we just have to pay for our flights!

I hope you all have a great week - I know it's half term for some of you so have a fab week off!

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  1. Cute pictures! And nice how you made the summary of a whole week in a few pictures. :)


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