26 June 2013

Make Up | Mac Brule Eyeshadow

I treated myself a little too well to Mac a few weeks ago - and this was one of my many treats. Described as a soft creamy beige, it is exactly that (as you can see). It's also described as a "satin" eyeshadow. Again, a pretty apt description.

It applies really nicely, incredibly silky smooth and without mess or fuss. I'm not usually one to buy a shadow this colour as I've never seen the point when it's the same as your lids, but I wear this under liquid eyeliner when I don't want any coloured shadow and as a base with other colours as well. With both uses it's the perfect shadow. It holds other colours on well, and makes you look effortlessly bright eyed without other colours.

I'm so glad I bought this little beauty and would definitely recommend if you're looking for a high quality base. Long lasting and just incredibly pretty. A lot of love for this. I do love my neutrals!

What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow colour? Any you'd recommend?

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